Dark elf and Goth Elf




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3D V3 Base Models or like Skin Textures: Resources


Downloaded and backed up from : http://zananeichan.deviantart.com/art/Dark-elf-and-Goth-Elf-72883529

Here is a pose mat for V3 and V3 type figures for the dark elf.
The tattoos and stuff i done on my plain skin texture i made a year ago.
I decided to share these skins with you.
The Gothic and Olive skinned Dark elves share the same textures...

please do not use to make work of violence ,gore and death Normal action pics are o.k, as you see often on TV... but nothing like using them in a scene such as a human sacrifice etc etc.. which has happned and was offended since the elves , morphs are based on my physical features (espealy facial contours). So i am deeply attched to them.

Please do not modify, only my plain skin you may... that can be located in [link] (in poser goodies folder) Tree and Drow Elves..

Also i have a skinning tutorial for you as well there in (tutorials folder).

The se folders are in my gallary.

Enjoy and happy elf rendering'
Love and hugs from Zana the elfy.

Extract the contents to your Poser directory if its P4 or less or P5 for higher version.

Load them on a victoria 3 type model such as Victoria 3, M3 and Aiko 3 etc.

to load them on other figures you would have to modify the texture and give you permission to do this if you want to fit it on another figure, if you upload it please email me at zanaloveselfies@yahoo.co.uk
Please note you will have to apply the bump file separately, i kept this separate since different render engines emphasize the bumps differently (recommended to decrease the bump map files resolutions if you rendering more than 2 elves in a complete scene of props and figures in the fire-fly renderer.. this enhances performance, if performance is poor it can result in application hang, or poser goes in a tiz and does nothing with the CPU running at 100% usage, and could wear out your CPU's life span if you ignore this).This case entirely depends on your hardware capabilities, if you have a high end machine the chances are less, if your machine is entry level the chances are greater.

Lotsa love and hugs


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