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3D V3 Base Models or like Skin Textures: Resource


Copied and backed up from : http://zananeichan.deviantart.com/art/Drow-Elfy-and-Tree-Elfy-44139174

Drow Elf and Tree Elf By
Zana International / zananeichan (Danielle C Lamb)
Use for Victoria 3 base models with morphs which can be obtained from DAZ 3D (www.daz3d.com)
Textures can be used on M3, Aiko and similar mapped figures.But not morphs

please do not use to make work of violence ,gore and death Normal action pics are o.k, as you see often on TV... but nothing like using them in a scene such as a human sacrifice etc etc.. which has happned and was offended since the elves , morphs are based on my physical features (espealy facial contours). So i am deeply attched to them.

Copyright stuff
All texture and pose files made from Danielle C Lamb /Zana Elf/zananeichan/Zana International from scratch, It had taken me a whole week to complete the skin...
Please do not use these files to make files to sell, however your renders is your artwork....
Feel free to edit these files to make freebies and practice placing tattoos, making skin markings and colouring them in etc...
The eyebrows on face are my own eyebrows, since the ones in photo were too thick, so I used my eyebrows

I do apologise that the Drow Elf before this one was removed was I used someone else's plain skin and made it into a drow...
These skin textures were made from scratch, and if you unsure please refer to the image called "skinning.jpg" inside the zip file.

Reason of upload
I felt like sharing this, since This is one of my favourite elf creations, but the character name Morimatra(Drow spiced wine) and character references is copyrighted to Danielle C Lamb (Zana)
I would prefere you to modify the elf to a new Drow elf character and even the textures to improve your creativity...
The Tree elf uses the plain texture I made from scratch with the help of Mada in faerywyld who provided me base photo's of body parts for the skin..
The drow elf texture was built off the plain texture used by the Tree Elf.


1) Unzip/using extract wizzard, or winrar/winzip menu extract to your poser directory...
Or your can manualy add the files by dragging from zip file to poser directories..

2) Open Poser, load V3 in figures, add Drow elf texture pose in pose(has no thumbnail) add pose+full bodymorphs pose file or if you just want the face, load Dark Elf in Face add wet slimy skin parameter pose.
Then you have your lovely Drow elfy :-) and all she needs is to grow hair(preferbly white) , she does not like clothes so much... but well you can dress her up, give her some weapons if you want her to kick ass, or maybe another elfy as a partner!!:-) for a love scene.. or just her alone in the forest... use your imagination!!:-)
Zana Elfy


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Copyright Danielle C Lamb

 (Zana Elfy, Zana International)