Star Guitar Poser DAZ proppy




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Star Guitar

Compiled from scratch in 3D studio Max
Using a reference drawing for the deviation this prop is for.
Works in poser and DAZ studio
Poser the body of solid guitar may appear crystal like and rounded
In DAZ studio the solid body appears like normal solid guitar and sharp at edges.

I wanted to make the texture map, but UVs are overlapping badly, not to bothered to figure out how to fix it since I spent 3 days on the guitar. If you want to create texture maps, then export for map each part has to be done separately. So i just used standard colour shadings which is suitable for both programs, and you can elaborate in the advanced textures of your applications, if its poser or DAZ studio or others.

Most of all Enjoy it and you free to do whatever with it.

Love and huggies the elfy



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