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This is a cute Anime print of an WinPE-X + DanaInt Theme Pack
Windows PE + Dana Interantional theme pack
Windows PE (PE = Pointed Ears or Purple Elf)

Shalom there, This one is done for Laura's birthday , as a present, as she loved my old versions.So i also decided to share it with you, please turn off older versions, when installing and set a system restore point... also best is to use Flyakite-OS X first and disable System File Updater...
All the ins and outs of the installation is in the help PDF file. It has been four years i been woking on one visual style, well i did not spend the whole 4 years working on , but time and time again i changed things to make it look better... and have it on my PC always... as i feel comfortable with thr colour purple..and often dislike most of the colour schemes of visual styles we get... even Vista... I apologise if it hurts anyone i say.. but Vista is very well done... its just the choice of colours that put me off.Windows XP one is that cream colour i dislike, and windows Vista sadly adopts it, but only gives it a lighter shade... i also noticed people when the paint the walls in there homes... why cream/biscuity colour?
When i am feeling ill that colour just makes me worse... oi.k i stop now...

You are free to edit and change the colours..

Please note on the start menue of the PurpleElf Visual style, you can turn off the koeksister-lezzy elves, but selecting purple2 in the display options, if you dont like them there, or your user name is long and covers them. A koeksister is a south african desert (recepe is included in zip file)... if you want to make some;-) well you can try and make the dough like like the two elfies in the start menue ((^_^)) giggles...

She loves my elves, and Dana International, and likes the purple windows.
I decided to work on this again and changed a few things
The visual style(s) -->
changed the msstyles.dlls
changed the taskbar, making it look more glass-like, as well as the task bar buttons, rounded them, the small buttons are like those similar to the new windows Media Player, but purple (lighter shade).

Mostb of all i optimised the buiklt in bitmaps, and removed the colour scheme changes, and left it to the purple colour scheme, since not many people loaded the other colour schemes, and they been optimised to be small in file size and reduce memory consumption. The colours not in use have been removed to reduce memory consumption. However you get the illusion that you see it full colours...
Some elements have been optimised to 16 colours, 256 Colours, and few are 32-bit including some of the pngs.

(It uses less memory, and its file size is smaller than the Luna visual style)
(It uses less memory, and its file size is smaller than the OS X visual style)
PurpleElf style = 2.35Mb (Inside this install)
DanaInt style = 1.59Mb (Inside this install)

WinXP Luna = 4.00Mb (windows XP default)
OSX Tiger = 3.75Mb (comes as default with Flyakite OS X)
Windows Aero = 5.01Mb (comes with Windows Vista)
(These are just the msstyle files only without the shell dlls)

Then i made a new elvin logon based on the wallpaper.
The wallpaper:
The wallpaper is windows Vista one mixed with the Mac OS X Tiger one and then edited to have all colours of rainbow, where objects I created were rendered over that.The fairies have logos of Micorosft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux on there bodies.
The Boot screens are the same as my older versions...

I changed some of the system files which i had already loaded on my computer which had Flyakite OS-X Installed.

Please read the PDF file first before continuing.

I hope you enjoy it ((^_^))
Lotsa love and hugs

..::::Windows PE (Pointed Ears) + Dana International Windows customization Pack::::..
Please, read this information carefully before using Windows PE + Dana Pack. By using it, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

Please note this is one of the install files contained in the zip file whether it was a normal zip file or a self extraction exe zip file that unzips all the install files to the temp directory, where you would access them.

Please keep the zip file intact and back it up on CD to save you downloading it again if you should accidentally delete it, format your hard drive, or you had a virus, which messed about your computer and the data became irretrievable.
Please not that this install is clean of Viruses, files were scanned before being placed in.

1. This license applies to everything in the Windows PE + Dana Pack package, in the zip or self-extraction it was placed in.

2. This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In NO event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software. Please make sure that you have all the contents of the package when you receive it, including the help PDF file.
The PDF Help file provides the necessary information for windows XP to prevent system failure.

If you received only part of the package/product please download it from its original source at:: [link] or use contact details(Contact Details at end of this text file).

3. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for personal non-commercial use only, subject to the following restrictions:

You may distribute the package by any means for non-commercial reasons, such as sharing, giving, and as gifts, in the name and power of love. When you distribute it, please keep the zip file, or self-extraction file intact with all the install files, including the help file, which provides the necessary points to prevent damage to system due to incorrect installing of the product.

3.2. Windows PE + Dana Pack package is free for personal use only; you cannot use it for any commercial or business purposes, however you may install it on your business computer in your office, but it is not meant to be used to gain profit from such as repacking it and selling it as part of a commercial product without my permission. You cannot use this software in a product without written permission.

3.3. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. It is recommended if you alter the software that you include all the copyright information from below, including mine, and then adding yours... Since people will have, the wrong impression thinking you created everything on your own, however you just re-used there elements, and added your own creations on top of them.


4.1. Please once you have installed the contents, please to visit the website [link] and have a look around on the website. As you can see that many transgender people are having difficulty fit in society and sustain themselves with jobs or there own businesses in regards to discrimination, regardless to how talented and how well the individuals can work, even regardless how well there appearence of there true gender identity is irrespective of what sex organ they have.

If you are part of a large firm, company, organization or part of royalty and have lots of money and wish to donate or provide help in what way you can for the transgender community, please use the contact information on the Gender Dynamix site to communicate with the appropriate people in charge of Gender Dynamix.

If you are an individual and not own much money and cannot afford to provide major help that could cost money, one way you can help, is when ever you see a transgendered person, give them love, smiles, comfort, and draw the line so they know where you stand, but don’t ridicule them and pull them apart emotionally in public and also not in public. Give them a hug or smile when ever you see one, or know one, as the girl walking past you, you may not know she is transgendered... but if you know someone who is, please show them love and respect... and make them feel part of society. In that way you are helping them, and also helping me.

Help stop the discrimination, and if you provide help for Gender Dynamix, you are supporting me, but not only me, others like me too.

4.2. Please once you have installed the contents, to visit [link] if you have internet access.... She is amazing! ;-)

..::Contact Info::..

Zana International / Zana Elfy (Miss Danielle C. Lamb)
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web(s) :: [link], [link]

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Snail Mail (post)
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Copyright Information
GUI / Elfs / Dana Design © 2007 Zana International. [link]

...:::carried over copyrights:::...

Icons/GUI Design © 2006 Apple Computer, Inc. [link]

Icons/GUI Design © Flyakite OSX. [link]
:: Iceman Miscellaneous Icons
:: Pe8er Lots of Misc. Icons
:: tehloxely main Solitaire & Spider Solitaire Mods (exept for elfy add-ons)
:: UNI0N Jack Battery System Tray Icons

Spider About dialogue image of a spider woman is done by ©Borris
I found this image to be the best image for this application/game. I do not have the time to render an imitation as Laura's birthday is too soon, so i just photo-edited snapshot of his original painting to fit the dilogue window, with his signature on the beautifull image so it carries his credit, if you you like it , he is a a well known artist, who does art similar to my style, i do not know of his website, but you sure to find him or his site if you type:
"Borris Art" "Female bodies" "Borris" in Google.

Icons/GUI Design © 2001 Microsoft Corporation. [link]

Dana International Images used for Dana Icons/GUI Design,
Dana International Music LTD [link]



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