I Am




I am a child who I don’t fully know
I know who I am, then not fully who I am.
I know where I come from, but not know the distance.
I am an awakened girl who has just begun to grow.
I strive to grow and extend my consciousness.
I strive to love, I strive to care, and I strive to share.
I am confident but a little scared.
For I never have been given a chance
Never given a chance to put my first foot forward.
I had been condemned and restricted.
I see an opening door to freedom.

I spend each day, chances never at reach
Watching the time tick away, 10 years stolen away.
I cry myself to sleep, where dreams are treasures of sleep.
Fantasy worlds, images, visions, hopes and dreams.
An escape from life’s harsh realities.
I will work on to conquer my fears,
To take what I find in my dreams,
I take my dreams; make them reality without any tears.
That will one day wipe away your tears and fears.



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