I have started to get my Nuclear Daymares




I have started to get my Nuclear Daymares
As you know the MPs in parliament debated Trident and voted for Trident and Nuclear Weapons quite recently Something David Cameron wanted to do and now since Theresa May is the New Prime minister since after #Brexit, its the first thing she focuses. She says she wont hesitate to press the red button and millions of people die.

I originally wanted to go to London last week, but I had to attend a doctor’s appointment., also it meant having to spend all my credit on my credit card. Instead I composed a music track , which I had not been well enough mentally to add lyrics to the song.http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/693555


I have been working on a painting to protest against nuclear weapons with an Eloha/Extraterrestrial who created/seeded life on this planet, crying that Earth humans have kicked off in a nuclear war.




No one listens or hears the warnings displayed in the painting, since it is almost complete and a lot has happened to shift the doomsday clock unofficially to two minutes to midnight, since Trident has been passed with the majority of the vote of MPs for it.
Before the Trident debate and vote , a black van had parked in the back lane , and I suspect it to be military, because it was the same van that was parked in the market square outside of the bridges the day after the Trident vote had being passed, and was doing military recruiting.



While the van was parked outside my broadband internet(my home wifi) and landline had been cut, to try and gag me from trying to contact/tweet the MPs while the Trident discussion and vote was taking place. I could only message a few, the ones in particular who were for Trident such as Theresa May. I least expected my local MP to vote for it, though a week and a half before , I had sent her a letter through CND, and got no response. She has grown distant from responding to my recent letters I posted since Brexit via petition websites, in regards to human rights and the NHS.

I have been having very little sleep encase I would be falling into the reoccurring nuclear nightmare. With articles of nuclear weapons/trident in local newspapers to international websites, I have commented.., and as well talking to the neighbours when I take my cat out for a walk. I am rather disturbed by the responses that general civilians, where I suspect there is some sort of mind control program on the go, where they are blocked from the seriousness, the prevention and saying no to nuclear war.


Today was another day going to Newcastle to the doctors in regards to my gender issues, more procrastination I would say instead of making goals and plans for an operation, which was rather depressing as it is in itself. After the appointment, headed back on the Metro train back home, stopped off to do some shopping to get fish pie, sushi, a chocolate bar, milk, chocolate milk and dry cat pellets for my kitty. I went back on the Metro , and just before my last stop between Central Station and Parklane , I had a daymare daydream, where I can best describe it as a simulation. It felt so real. In the carriage setting opposite me was a child, a girl and her grand mother. The child was playing with her new toys her grandmother had bought her. All of a sudden there was a bright white flash, and the girl that was playing disintegrated before my eyes, as the chairs, paint and glass melt out of the carriage, and her silhouette gets imprinted against the metal side of the train. I felt myself disintegrating feeling intense heat on my skin, inside my body, as if I had been incinerated also. I knew what this was. I thought this was it, nuclear war had started , and I was in the middle of the blast. I was more disturbed and hurt seeing a young girl incinerated by the nuclear blast in front of me, with her silhouette stained on the metal side of the train. Then it ended, I woke up out of this simulation. I found the train was not moving.
I asked anyone who would listen, what had happened. They said the train’s power had cut out, and it is dead, and we would have to wait for the power to turn on so the train could start moving again. I was glad that what had happened was not real, and everyone was still alive.
I started crying, because what I had experienced was so real. I did not look out of the window if there were any extraterrestrials spaceships outside. But I feel this was a simulation that was beamed at me, which was so strong it caused the train’s power to cut out, that this is a glimpse of the future if people go ahead with nuclear war.



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