A cry for Hope and Freedom




Thoughts on Art, Society and Humanity
You drain the life from our very centers
In prejudice acts of stupidified madness
Judge this judge that, poke and point at those..
Those who have imagination, those who dream
Those who dream, one tries to drain them.
Creativity is Fantasy, Fantasy is imagination..
Blessings that can be put into science and made real.
We are the artists we create, we imagine, we escape..
Then not only we escape we return with gifts,
Gifts of dream, thought and hopes simulated for real world.

This inhabitants of this planet is malignant,
An inconsolable demon, the gnomic timebomb
Created by the demise of its own humanity.
The games it plays, the liberties it takes..

Are the evidence of its careless flounder
Yes you claim yourselves, to be normal,
To be of wisdom, when Love is never Nourished.

Humanity suffocates itself in morality,
With many complicated preconceptions and perceptions.
Of that is right and of that is wrong,

My ones I love so much, we only live once
Braking away only makes matters worse,
My dear friends I love,
Please avoid this…
Lets all be Strong

Love Saves the Day, Love is the Way
Love will save the planet and humanity.


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