A Little Poem




I am child when people say:
"I supposed to be an adult."
I am a girl who just began to grow,
Who was prevented from growing.
I am unconfident and i am scared.
I am afraid of my so called life
Which has always been empty
Which has always been lonely.

I have been working each day
And time ticks and races away.
I cry myself to sleep
While my dreams in my soul creep.
I am a girl but I am trapped in a cage.
I have started to grow, I am getting cramped.

I am very alone, I find I am in a cold, dark world
I am having a partial death,
a part of me is not alive.
When will i revive ?
I am surrounded by people, but yet I am still alone.
I try reach out to them, they move away.
I try reach out again , some come to me, but...
They leave because they don't have time
They have someone else , they don't need me.
Am I boring to them ?

I am alone , people come and pass me
They pass and do not notice me.
Some take notice , they come to me
When some else passes, if they interested,
They leave me because to them they much better.
I loved everyone because I have a big heart
People take it for granted
They slowly suck me dry, and take it all.
I don't love anyone anymore,
I loved but it did not touch there heart.

Once someone said to me " I love you."
I had so much joy , I felt I was set free.
I was begging to grow LIFE inside me
I became a different
As Time went by and forgotten what they meant
" I love you but ..."
They don't love me because I am not rich
They don't love me because I am different
they don't love me because I am a freak.

But those who ever read this, those who are free
Living each day to its fullest
Finding each day a challenge.
Do you ever know what its like to be lonely?
For the whole lifetime you have existed.
Have you ever being cast away , pushed in a corner?
Can you achieve what you want?
Can you complete your work with success?
Can you even write an exam  ?
With these empty wishes :
Do you ever wish for a big hug ?
Do you ever wish for a kiss ?
Do you ever wish to be noticed ?
Do you ever wish that you were loved.

I know inside your answer is no
because you take them for granted.
because they part of your every day.
A hug, a kiss, a little love
Love is  the fuel to LIFE.
How can I live when I am running empty?
How can I love without love ?
How can I live when I am not loved?


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