A poem for Sabine




A Poem for Dearest Sabine

My dearest Sister, Sabine.
It is now a cold winter's night by you and me.
The darkness is all lurking about.
I look at the moon as it's my only source of hope
That keeps me awake, to fight away the night.
A wakening of memories I see of you,
Times you made me joyful and happy, and times you made me cry.
It seems you are gone forever.
The moon watches over me, casting a shadow so blue
I get unbearable thoughts of missing you.

I wish for a lot of things to be the girl I should be
I even wish that one day, Dana International I will see.
But the most Important this I Wish for You,
To be my side, to be around, so that I will never be alone,
You promised you will never leave me.
You promised you would never hurt me,
By disappearing into the whispers of the wind

I do not understand what happened
Where did I go wrong?
What did I do?
I did the best for you to be at my side,
I could not give you the moon, the stars or the sun.
Neither could I give you gold and diamonds at your feet.
But all I could give you were my creations,
From my infinite foreign and magical inner world,
I tried my best I could, the best I would.

You came to me like magic from nowhere,
When sitting inside my cold dark forest.
You flowed through the lake beside me,
And showed me the secrets to my destiny,
You were the wind blowing softly in the trees.
Passing secrets upon each of the leaves,
For each of the elements around me, you were the stream of colour.

Where are you? I search you in my hours of need.
But your face remains hidden in the whispers of the wind.
I do not know when to start and when to end,
I feel so alone that you are not near.
I worry day and night hoping you are still alive.
I painfully miss you so much.
I don't know how much more can I describe.

Sabine, I miss you so much,
We are sisters like you said,
Without you I would rather be dead.
I give you all my love, hope and care like a real elfy should.
I just wish you would come again,
To fall from the stars, the endless diamonds of the sky.
Back into my heart, I am all open.
All you have to do is just climb in;
I miss you so much!! What more words can I say??


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