Arts Of Sensuality





A Informative Tutorial Essay (PDF)
For information, resources and research. and understanding of the topic to alleviate ignorance. This information is free, to share, share it with no cost

1) Definitions and Terms.
What is Art?
What is Pornography?
What is Erotica?
What is Hentai and Ero?
What is Sexual Perversions?
What is Sensuality, and Sensual Art and it being the “key” to Arts of Sensuality?
2) Understanding Sensuality and the Six Senses
3) How Arts of Sensuality is the heart of the Flower of Art (based on the design of the Flower of
4) The History of Arts of Sensuality.
Arts of Sensuality and Sensual Arts through the ages.

5) How it works directly and indirectly and how it may be perfected with and in Sensual
Meditation, and how Ideas flow through telepathically within humanity on this planet and the
humanities beyond the atmosphere of Earth.
6) How to go about solving and correcting the system of oppression on creativity,
censorship/conduit closing without any aggression of equal and opposite reaction but in the idea
of “What would Ghandi do ?” and drifting away from arts relating to violence, anger,
discrimination and hate without the use of censorship.



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