Away from dungeons and dragons




Away from the dungeons and dragons…

Entering a new world, mysterious, foreign, distant
A fantasy land where freedom exists
But there is a price to pay; the price to pay is fear
Fear of failure, fear of hurting the new people you love
Fear of the future growing dark
Fear for the worst.

There is a new boundary, a new hope, a new frontier
To be explored, to be find and to be claimed
This is a new world for my Elvin heart
Where I feel belong, but looking for other elvin hearts
Looking for new souls that fit my own.
I have found a new path, a new way
This path will ultimately complete my goal.

The path ahead is bumpy and uphill all the way
At the top where the path leads is a rainbow
The rainbow points to a pot of gold
Guarded by fairies, that is yet to be befriended
Along the path is the Fear Dragon
The dragon is not friendly it has to be fought.
My team mates are not willing to soul join
They want to be formal and keep space away from me
They say this is how life is on Earth.
I want to Love and I want to be loved
I am afraid me, the key will open the wrong door.
Afraid I will be forgotten and lost

In the sky are three moons, one full, one empty, and one blue
This is a new world, of mountain and sea
Not many forests to hide in, Open and wide
The sea is beautiful, but cold
Not so far is a forest, where someone can
Pluck out events of the future, in the form
Hazy symbols on cards, no crystal ball.
Is she an elf with an Elvin heart?
Does she have warm feelings like me
Is she the same as me in ways?
I go to her forest tomorrow, to find refuge
To look for my fellow Elvin people.

In the same forest was an elf
She showed me a card, the wheel of fortune
Showed an elf of tears, an elf of happiness
That elf was me, on a roller coaster ride.
Life goes round and round, The key will unlock
Unlock the wheel of life…
Like the Angel Elvin Queen told me
In her warm arms of love, which are around me always
My Angel Elvin Guardian Queen, flying in the sky
In her chariots of fire, dance through the stars
Sending messages about me to our home world.
Only when it’s the right time, I return to my real home.



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