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Basic Planetary Bill of Human Rights for planet Earth (Open Source, so it allows room for improvement ) Since its for the people by the people.

As you can see, I got inspired to draft this, and should be open source since it belongs to the people of the planet, where positive adjustments and improvements can be made. It is getting more and more important that this sort of thing needs to be done, to unite the planet in peace, prosperity and love... since humanity is at a crossroads, and choices have to made to either continue down the path of death, war and destruction or choose the path of love, peace , prosperity and longevity .


  • Every Human Being has a right to exist and live, and should be treated with dignity, with compassion, empathy, love, understanding, logic and equally as individual conscious beings. Not as numbers, “masses”, “customers/consumers” , classes, segregate groups, slaves and human capital. No fascism.
  • All life to be valued as first priority before economics, currency and resources. The focus should be to evolve away from money/currency and form a paradism based society.
  • Planet Earth is home to every human being, and should not be segregated and divided by borders and boundaries,  and should be as it is seen from orbit.
  • The planet and the resources it supplies should be shared freely and equally among its citizens , that no human life should endure pain, suffering and starvation. Technology must be able to coexist and be mutalistically part of the ecology, since  humanity is dependant on the ecology in producing natural resources to thrive.
  • There should be no more war, nor systems and ideologies that function to aid war be it economic, political and religious. An industrial military complex should not exist. Such systems are a crime against humanity, and a life sustaining planet. Create a good impression for interstellar neighbours.
  • There should be no government, rather a carefully tested and elected council of 12 members (Planetary Council) of intelligence and consciousness , capable of compassion, understanding, reasoning and logic to affiliate the regions of the planet , with diversity and culture into consideration, to benefit humanity as a whole.
  • The right to live long, and prosper. Every human being has a right to happiness, wellbeing and longevity , with in mind to keep sustainable population dynamics, where everyone has  a fair share of resources of what the planet provides, where no one is without nor neglected.



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