Beware of the Empire... Earth




Beware of the creation of an Empire: Earth

Far in the future many sentient beings,
Come and visit, pop in and say hello.
They fear of the nightmare of the Earthly Empire.
Some are here to help, those who work for Love
Who work for change, for a better future of Humanity.
Some were even involved in the design of Tera
Tera was Earth’s former name.
The whole irony in the name tera-forming.
In which the Humanity of this planet we all dream
We all dream of carrying on the infinite cycle of life.

The sadness that lingers on this planet
Is the birth of a Seedless Empire.
Developing technology, lack of greater consciousness.
Takers of Love , Takers of Life,
Invaders, takers of land, takers of planets
Emotionless greyness, erasing the rainbow of stars.
The results are formed by the propaganda and media
The brainwashing of the planet’s government.

Deceivingly dispersed, but unitedly dominating.
There hard cold steel cuts through the inhabitant’s lives
Becomes a thought provoking death tool,
Of war and hate, of anger and of death,
Poor innocent beings fall mercy to there evil deeds.
Be it currency and greed, be it war and hate.

One can overcome this by being different
One can over come this by not being part of the norm
One can overcome this by developing there consciousness.
By understanding, by reasoning, by thinking Intelligently.
Regardless of your uniqueness, orientations and beliefs
By doing your best, by Loving, by helping, by caring.
By healing, by nurturing, by uplifting one another up.
Then will the nightmare of humanity become a dream of hope.
Where you will reach the stars, and make new friends.
Where some are actually your distant family.
Share the Universe, and live in peace, joy and harmony.


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