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Beyond Quantum thinking/Data processing/Estimation and Data Storage = Spectrum Processing

I don’t think people realized that when taking a photograph of a UFO I provide a percentage ratio for it being what it is and a possibility of it being something else. This helps the viewer to think and clarify there views on the object. This follows the ideas of logic beyond standard logic, as well provides a better out look than just the 0 and 1 and the True and False of the logic of yes and no of standard computer systems.

I recently made a friend, who had seen a sighting personally in Cape Town, 6 years ago on estimate, who eye witnessed the event, from his words he described it to being silver-ish, glowing like a star and had a sort of disk shape. Many people besides him phoned into the radio to report the sighting. Unfortunately the DJ in a DJ booth could not see the object or did but never studied it dismissed it as being Venus. This happens in many cases where various data inputs and views on the object were neglected, and finalized by the DJ that it wasn’t a ufo but Venus. Being having authority over the air, his opinion stands stronger than those who phoned in, yet did he ever consider the angle or closeness to the object some of the people were? So this is when people need to derive and plot things down and process a data drawing of an estimate. The simple way I found myself is to plot it from 1 to 100 and give it a % possibility and probability. Take what they take in through there senses and feel where it can go. Yes one can go on that many objects have been misinterpreted as UFOs, but where they correctly analysed, by the witness themselves and the others observing to find a more clarified opinion ? based on a model of probability/possibility ?

For there is never an impossibility or a true complete possibility with most things, which results in fuzzy logic, and not direct true/false logic, yes the fuzzy logic when something is highly true or highly false can be estimated to a 1 or a 0, for clarity of thought. But in some cases and scenarios it is impossible, and could cause a lot of error on judgment of data.

Since one cannot say a definite yes or no until it’s finalized win the number of thought. Basically it dissolves sceptism, since sceptics can see the probability and possibility estimates and derive there opinion from it, passively, and in time the truth would eventually come out. Same as judging a photograph on the web, look at it, give it a % possibility it is what the photographer things and then a % factor of what other thing it may be. For example, the photograph of Robben Island and Elohim crafts, turned out poor, you could see dots and some disks. I know for a fact personally they were there, but not all of you were there with me. I never took them by purpose and was by accident. And They could be other objects and Elohim were out of sight from the camera. Hence I derived the possibility of 25% due to quality of the photo, the 75% probability of not being them. Taking note of shapes, and arrangements of the objects in the air are convincing, gave them the advantage, but due to quality and distance, they could be any other object, such as planes, birds etc. To me they were there, but the viewer not sure… which is something but not nothing, so it does not get dismissed. Perhaps in the future when digital photo analyzing technology improves, it would render the photo ratios more balanced, and then a better judgement be made on them.

The same goes for the strange text characters that appeared on my computer, the possibility could be that is a hardware glitch, and then there is a possibility that it is something, since there is never a true impossibilility.

The speed of light..
One claims that humanity would never reach the speed of light. They have learned in physics that it is impossible due to mathematical models, then those who have seen UFOs would disagree with them, and have not studied physics. But then again not all who have studied physics and not all have seen UFOs. Since everyone’s outlook on the topic is different, may it be thought, philosophy, experience or even mathematical models. Its different, but there still isn’t a complete impossibility, even when the possibility ratio is as low as 5%. Then again I have not studied physics of light speed travel etc, but I have experienced visitors from space. So I have an extremely high possibility factors that Humanity can do it, but how is another story, and I feel there may be many possible methods as well, such as many paths of opening notepad.exe on a computer.

Here is a response from a scientist (David Menasce) who I had been discussing with who has an excellent knowledge on physics.

“Zana, things can't travel beyond the speed of light. Light is an electromagnetic wave, its made up of photons. Tiny little particles, not even you can see. The velocity of an electromagnetic wave, reduces to C, the speed of light. Velocity of a electromagnetic wave though any medium = 1/(epsilon*mu)^0.5. Epsilon reduces to epsilon-r and mu reduces... Read more to mu-r in free space. In any of media, the wave slows down. Go read a physics text book or something. Not the toilet paper of the internet. My thumbs are getting sore from typing this on my cell.” (Actually I want to get one)

Then again sadly he has been bound by a mathematical model which just focuses on a portion of space which only can be seen within that mathematical model, and not the Infinity of space. Now is it also strange that the Laws of Physics work at our level of existence of space and time, but in an atomic level and astrophysics it’s different... and the laws of physics is not obeyed, and can be considered naughty. So here you can see the infinity of space Infinity Large and Infinity Small, and we all exist at a very tiny position in this cyclic infinity, as mentioned in the books on which only today with large telescopes people are seeing that that the Universe isn’t what it was imagined to be like when the earth was thought to be flat in the middle ages. of you know of this already (Especial Raelians who have read the messages). However there is small minority of people who still believe the planet is flat, and the moon landing was done in a film studio. When its so obvious you can actually from viewing the moon shows the spherical ness of the moon and the Earth, the way the Earth casts and shadow on the moon, which people at that time were not as observant, and never played with balls around artificial light sources at the time when they were children.

Then as you know logic can be clearly analyzed this way, plotted on a graph of the possibilities and impossibilities where there is no prison for the data, and yes people will have there own opinion and thought which they have the right to do, but also leaves space for thought, study and observation and analysis.

Now some, but here from this one can derive a new way of storing data, Data today is stored in bits of 1’s and 0’s, and Quantum processing is being introduced with quantum processes, which could develop towards the % ratio of processing and logic…

Now there is a leap of possibility I thought of is Spectrum Processing. Spectrum processing is where each part of colour is like that of a bit, basically you have the colour of the rainbow as your storage bits. This would require a different processing structure.
Black and white can be the most likely True (1) and most likely Falses (0) which is used in many regular existing programs, the standard forms of processing data logically and calculating problems, But when you add in a whole spectrum of colour in which each colour which could be a hexadecimal value or even more than high definition would increase the processing power of a Spectrum Computer. Now how would one store data, Data can be stored as a spectrum of various colours in a 3D object, and at the nano level of making the molecules refract each colour of spectrum which is a data point, perhaps a quartz crystal for example, which you could wear around your neck could contain the information of personality and genetic structure of a person in a spectral storage way, much more efficient than a memory stick, including the whole planet’s books and libraries, maybe the whole Internet... sounds impossible, but may be possible.

Spectrum Computers may at first start off with a 16 Spectrum (which is 4 x more the processing power of a quantum computer) and in time develop to 256, then to High definition which is all the slightest variations of colour delicately. However, there may be no such a computer yet, but it is possible. When computers first came out, no one thought of quantum processes.

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