Dear Flowers Of The Universe





Dear Flowers of the Universe
Ask Yourselves, “Am I free or am I in a prison?”
A mental prison without any walls.
A mental prison which inspires many wars.
A mental prison that is censorship.

For censorship causes misunderstanding,
For censorship hurts and causes pain.
From this pain, causes frustration.
From continuous censorship causes ignorance.

For ignorance, frustration, fear and pain, together or alone…
Causes anger, hate and lowers your consciousness.
Not for the better but for the worse.

I have found the answers which you seek.
I show them to you, but you never listen and think.
I forgive you as you do not understand.
I understand that you are stuck out of free thought because of fear.
You know what I am talking about.
You know very well to be free as long as you want to be.
But many will chain you to a wall of policy and fear.
Be calm for those who wait, I hope it wont be long.
Be patient as I am patient, don’t feed the system.
Pretend it does not exist even though you still burned.
Your consciousness is your water of life,
Never let it boil in the flames.

I have and give you, is forgiveness,
Words to help you understand and most of all Love.
Love is the River that never dries,
Love is the Tree that is forever growing and blossoming.
So is my Love for You if you understood.
It is the reply,
Please offer some understanding and compassion.
I Love You, and I Care.



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