There once was a girl who was thrown out of her home
Her hair was tatty; her skin was scarred, left to be alone
They threw her out because she was different.
They threw her out because she loved from her heart
They threw her out as they saw her ways to be lustful abominations of the flesh.

They never knew what lay in her heart
They never believed what she heard and seen
They never believed her words were from hear heart
They never believed that she loved them dear,
Torn, discarded they threw her out like garbage.

She found shelter, a small home with some dwellers
One dweller a preacher and his wife
One a teacher and his two cats,
The other a handyman with many etc’s

When she arrived things were wrong
Things were messy, things were out of order.
Because the girl was young, and considered a freak
She was labeled as the taint of the small home.
They thought she was flirting, flaunting.
Stealing food, and not cleaning up her mess

Time went by, and it was discovered
That she did clean after her mess and it was not hers
That she was showing love, laughter and joy
That she was showing her beauty of what she had
She never stole, but replaced what she borrowed and always asked.
She was the mystery nymph that the nude statue outside
Was named after her as Delicia, in memory of her the day she left.


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