Description Of Zana's Elves




Description of Zana’s Elves.

Allot of people have been questioning me about my elves and myself and how I see myself as an elf, so I decided to do a write-up about the topic so that you understand them and myself.

Many thousands of years ago before the Earth had life on its surface, the elves lived on a planet which orbited a large void with another planet and one moon which had an 8 shaped orbit around the planets. The one planet lived the Elves which appeared more Vulcan at the time and the other planet an evil alien species. This alien species declared war on the planet, and built a rift between the two. They used dark magics and the elves light magics. The Elvin world was full of life and beauty of forests and oceans, where as the other planet was barren and volcanic with strange ugly looking life forms with there intelligent life forms. The elves built space craft, as they could no longer live with the threat and searched for new homes, and were a peaceful species, they tried to make peace with the other which was completely war-like and reptilian in nature. Many space craft landed terraformed new worlds of elves.

Then finally these evil sentients that conquered there world decided to conquer the new worlds the elves settled on.  Earth had been the futherest planet away from there home, and so things took a long time before there invaders arrived. Just before the invaders arrived Earth was well terraformed with many jungle forests. The other neighboring planets were still under the process of transformation into livable worlds. Venus was called Inner Earth, Earth was called Middle Earth, and Mars was called Outer Earth, and another planet existed between Mars and Jupiter which was the Far Earth, which was a sort of defense base for an attack. Mars’s tera-forming was almost complete when the attack arrived.

Venus was still being processed, thus with the loss of control it ended up being a planet of acid, and ramped volcanic activity with the absence of a moon. Far Earth was to be brought in orbit around the Middle Earth to orbit with the Moon, Luna. When the attack arrived, Far Earth was blasted to bits, which meant that the defense failed. The attackers then took on Mars, elves on Venus, stopped the project and tried to defend Earth and Mars, Mar’s atmosphere was blown off as the same blaster that Blasted Far Earth missed. Eventually the dark weapon was destroyed. Some of the elves left, others stayed to fight. Eventually the battle took years and years, and the elves lost there scientific knowledge on earth but still relied on there magic. Including the dark invaders and the battle continued and eventually finished off in more primitive forms.

The elves had always been sensual beings of love, and humans often called them mischievous by there sensual culture and ways but some joined in with there culture and inherited the peaceful love making culture and humans and elves co-existed. Drows seem to be more sexually inclined than sensual as they were an unusual rebel branch off from the normal elves. Because they had not lost there sensual ways, this enabled them to rejoin with the elves. Elves hardly wore much clothing and if they did it was only in battle or extreme weather, often there clothing was very tight fitting and comfortable. Elves always had long and lean bodies, and long hair, and always appeared androgynous as the difference between male and female and middle gender was unclear and genders were treated equal, humans adopted this nature as well, and humans also saw themselves in 3 genders. But the appearance and difference between them were clear, apart from the middle genders who were shaman and peacekeepers or part of the elves in a way and were “elf souled”.

No one knows why the decline of knowledge, perhaps both sentients relied on technology for information and scientific storage than to retain the knowledge and skill in there own minds. This leads to Tolkein’s stories of the elves and the final Battles of Middle Earth. Humans came into being here and were children of the elves and with many other types of Halflings, fairies and sentients and Dwarfs which are small versions of humans which still exist in the Human genes. This was during the Crecatious period. At the end, the dark invaders final weapon which came from the blown far Earth, was an asteroid, which wiped out a lot of life, including elves, and humans. The radiation of it affected the elves, and they completely lost the male chromosome and only two genders exist, the middle genders and females. The asteroid hit right in the middle of Elf central continent/island called Atlantis.
Atlantis was the main continent of the Elves when the rest of the earth was given to the humans by the elves after the final battle of Middle Earth. Humans were welcomed to live on Atlantis as well.
Because middle genders were rare, these became queens and keepers of the elf population.  These were now called the “New Elves” or Zana’s Elves.

Humans pulled away from the ways of the elves and with the introduction of new religions, magic and practices of magic were all condemned evil, this was in the middle ages, and elves and fairies were hunted down and killed. Humans who worked with elves were considered witches as well, as humans who did not who spoke up or lived the wikka way which evolved from the Elvin belief system. They hid themselves in forests, and eventually. The last remaining elves developed a portal system cutting through space to look for new homes, not noticing that this would cause problems to the Earth in the far future, as they had to leave this portal system is known by humans as the Bermuda Triangle. Atlantis was rebuilt in a dimension shift within the portal, which appears and disappears. The elves eventually settled on new worlds around the galaxy.
In time the elves evolved and became completely hairless on there skins and were continuously wet oily/slimy and moist due to there amphibious swampy forest lifestyles on there new worlds, and there ears became longer with the interbreeding of many other sentient races across the galaxy you get elves with tails, many skin colours, hair colours etc. Few elves still remain on earth as guardians of nature and forests and swamps with a few fairies, and some as elf soul humans where one day they if they realize there elf inside and meet up with the real elves the elves can cast a spell to transform them into elves.

The new elves there culture has become more sensual in nature since they branched of the old elves. But some believe there is a colony or maybe few more colonies of the old elves still around the galaxy and search for them.

As the Elvin culture is more sensual, they are always n close contact with each other and forever loving. They do not have hate; jealousy etc in there hearts like humans, and are always naked if weather conditions are fine. They do however have a symbiotic organism on them that if weather should get colder or environmental conditions get harsh to as severe as the vacuum of space; this organism will cover up the elf accordingly.  Due to the fact that the elve’s living conditions are always wet and most, clothes would simply rot off them. The organism also enhances the magical/telepathic powers of the elves and acts as an amplifier and also, as well as connecting elves to each other when interacting in sensual moments, transferring thoughts, data , etc etc and even interfaces with Elvin computer technology, and the ports however fit around the genital areas and They prominent role of sensual activity (sexually based) in there society. The younglings differ, as they not developed sensual activity only at a later stage in life such as 14/16 years old. Often during this age they are very human like, and contain strong traits of jealousy, anger, etc. where the adults keep them busy and off these negative traits by having them learn lots of things, creating and inventing things. When an elf becomes at an adult it is the age of sensual maturity (humans call sexual maturity) they develop the psychic abilities and able to become magical. Baby younglings learn to socialize and speak at 1 month old on average, sometimes 3 days old. They start going to ‘school” at the age of 3. Elves do not engage in sensual activities only for reproduction, this is only when elves do so on purpose with one of the queen elves, but its very much a strong part of there culture and being as you will see later by comparing them with Bonobos.

Elves are polyamourous ( in nature, actually over polyamourous, which means they have more than one partner. Each of them is treated like family so the Elvin population is very closely bonded with each other. So where in nature do elves closely resemble and to which primate, such as comparing humans with chimpanzees.. The answer is Bonobos. There cultural lifestyles less the wisdom, knowledge, technology etc in its simplest form of cultural interaction matches that to the Bonobo monkeys ( This link explains it clearly and why elves do a lot of ‘scissoring ( ), kissing etc…” where I don’t have to explain it myself and nature does the explaining with bonobos as a close avatar to myself and my elves.

Now how does my world of elves describe the artist which is me. I merely collected facts combined it with my fiction and imagination to create there world and there characters. I myself see myself as an elf because the way I think and do things are completely different to that of the human ways. The way I think and behave is different, people who have met me in real life has noticed this, which enabled them to discover me as someone to talk to in hard times, as my heart is always full of love, and it easily forgives. They also notice that I can feel into them and understand them. Some people online discovered this… easily or slowly depending how they observed and studied me. Some people just afraid of me because I am different, and don’t realize I not harm them, just too different for them to understand.



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