Elvin Tears





The Elvin tears roll down my face
Like diamonds falling out of the sky
As I watch people’s Love melt away
There perspectives and negative visions
What they harming with there negative decisions.

Who will be left when I am gone?
Who would continue what I have left behind?
There will be nothing left but a vision
I have tried and I have cried
I have laughed and I have shared
I have dreamed and I have cared
No one listens, no one sees, no one cares
They close the book before reading it.

Its to easy to turn to turn a blind eye to the Light
Its to easy that you have gone mindlessly dim
Ignoring what I am try to say in my arts and creations

You should try to find your voice,
My song is almost over, it’s your choice
This is One voice you should try find today.


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Copyright Danielle C Lamb

 (Zana Elfy, Zana International)