How do you see the world ?




How do you see the world ?
How do you see the world today ?
How do you feel about the world today ?
How do you sense and connect to  the world today ?
What did you hear about the world today ?
What do you smell about the world today?
What did you taste in the world today ?

Is there a future, is humanity blocking themselves from reality?
People block themselves from each other and there planet.
People do not take note of the finer things seen in a day
There minds swirl around illusions of pain, the innocent suffer there sensitivity loss.
People are born innocent; people grow up to be ignorant.
People abuse others in the boundaries of policy and law.
They are desensitized to the there true consciousness.
They have lost  love, compassion and understanding.
The meaning of these, drift as a faint echoed cry.
Like the extinction of an endangered animal species.

They kill there own inner child without even knowing.
They see the creation of themselves of there creators as filth
They cover up there naked innocence, they rape the Earth.
Anyone who begs to differ; desensitized in forced retribution.

What  did you do today ?
Create  or destroy, heal or hurt , save or delete
What you do today creates your future tomorrow.



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