How many have been cast away ?





How many have been cast away?
How many have been thrown away?
How many have been dismissed?
How many were forced to live lives of misery ?

They different, unique, beyond Earth-thinking people
How many times has it happened, and not only to me?

In the past, one was fed to wild animals
In the past, one was burned at the stake
In the past, one was nailed to a cross
In the past, one was shot on site..
In the past till present the pattern goes on.
Does it have to loop repetitively into the future?

Today, one has an invention
Today one has an idea of hope
Today one has an artistic expression
Today one has an Inspiration
Today one flows never-ending love.
And still they considered an abomination.

Just because no one understood them?
People don't understand, will they ever think?
Will they ever cast away there boxed-thinking
of one who is unique and not of the so called norm?

Why is it always an Uprising?
No freedom, mass conjugation of fear
No voice for the unique individual.
Drowned in the misjudged information
Drowned in the misunderstanding of narrow minded thinking.
Why is it, which they have to bleed, and be stained or soiled for all to see?

Why can’t others feel Love and a greater consciousness?

But for you do not understand me, and I may not understand you, but in the end we understand. How much digging do I need to do just to show you my Love?

If only these people were understood, the planet today would have progressed astronomically.


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