I am a Violation To Humanity



I am Violation to Primitive Humanity

“Error : I am Violation to Primitive Humanity , Error Error Error..
Delete it delete it, erase it eliminate it… Terminate it…”

Where is the Love ?
Where is the Compassion?
Where is the Understanding ?

The big why is, why the reason of my existence
Why that I know something’s naturally and other s don’t?
Did I discover this on my own until I found the Truth?

I do not wish to hurt anyone; I do not wish to harm anyone.
Those of some who understand would say I am “awakened”
But could it be that I have always been awakened?
Is it because I am not completely of Humanity?
I been called a Star Seed, a Gypsy Morph
Full of Mystique and Mystery, later discovered I am a  modified entity.
Different genetic programming to the rest of humanity…
Where I was like the elf kind the acronym of Elohim Life Form.

I always never fit in human society; my mind set was always considered wrong
I never could fit in anywhere; no one understood no one understands on this planet.
Why I am here, I do not know, I have the urge to flourish, and to blossom
I have the Urge to be happy and be who I am supposed to be.

Be it fate, be it people, be it Church, be it Religion, be it Policy, be it Law
They suppress me, even though I have natural warmness and light
That lightens up the darkness and where to follow the light.
Is this the natural awakened-ness that I have that people are blinded to?
Yes I have stumbled and fell into the dark here and there.
I have developed habits, like caged animals in despair.

I am no perfect being of light, But I feel happy when I walk in the steps of light.
The reason being because it feels right, to follow the elements
The elements of Love, Care, Peace, Sensuality, Joy and hope.
For they love each other and work with each other, and feed and nourish each other.
To accomplish what’s Infinite to the stars and beyond
To what’s infinite to the greater small, to make that relative Large.

My creativity suppressed, and labeled an abomination to humanity.
My creation and art suppressed to Policy and a Violation to deviantart
My creation and art suppressed a violation to many conservatories.
My creation and art suppressed a violation to primitive thinking
My creation and art suppressed to a point I feel no right to exist.
My self and form is labeled an abomination to nature..
A violation of a single Creator who apparently thought to have a magic wand?
Where Yahweh had done all the work…
by saying Abra-Kadabra Uh Oh oops.. a Zana gender MishMash was born…

I Thought I was alone in this, until a day I discovered,
Sentient beings I so much belong to live beyond the stars
They loved my ideas and they found me very fascinating.
Was I seeded by a devious creator? Was I seeded as an inspiration of hope?
Was I seeded for humanity to be awakened to seek and search for the Real Truth ?
I don’t really know, I just followed the feeling the warmth… Until one day
One day I discovered the Truth, that others are Awakened via Sensual Meditation.
Where all the senses fully developed with a sixth sense of telepathy
Where I had been an anomaly and developed them in Sensual Tantra
How did that happen, I do not know, as the correct and refined one is Sensual Mediation.
The whole concept of life beautiful and wonderful,
Where sensuality, nudity and beauty are all natural and amazing…
That each one of us are Universes, that house many stars, galaxies and planets.


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