Let me calculate the numerous ways
How my love reveals these lonely days.
I LOVE YOU to through the below to the above.
I blow butterfly kisses and imaginary hugs.
I wish they were real squeezes.

I LOVE YOU freely and purely flowing and gently.
As many turn away from my loving praise
Its like bethinking in the ocean of childhood days.
I LOVE YOU with the love of the sun’s rays.

I LOVE YOU, the sparkle in the nights sky
My love flows gentle like a river, Infinitely flowing
In my dreams, in my thoughts, even when away I think of you.
I LOVE YOU with smiles and thoughts with every breath I breathe
Even when I have tears raining from my eyes,
Even with a rejected saddened heart.

I LOVE YOU even though in am not of this world
But I am part of your DNA stream.
I LOVE YOU even I am different, and our ideas clashed.
I LOVE YOU even I am different, and you put me in a box.
I LOVE YOU FOREVER even when we have returned to dust.



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