Innocence VS Ignorance




Innocence Vs Ignorance.
When a child is born, they are innocent to the complications people create.
When a child grows up, and never choose to learn and understand, they grow ignorant.

Innocence creates peace, ignorance creates wars.
Innocence is pure, ignorance is impure.
Innocence is intelligence, ignorance is stupidity.
Innocence evolves, ignorance is stagnant.
Innocence is of love, ignorance is of hate.
Innocence is of quantum conscious, ignorance is of binary policy.
Innocence is always fresh, ignorance grows stale.
Innocence is tender, ignorance is rough.
Innocence is naked and open, ignorance is covered up.
Innocence has a free voice, ignorance conforms.
Innocence nurtures, ignorance threatens.
Innocence is of an open mind, Ignorance is of a narrow mind.
Innocence observes, ignorance is blind.
Innocence questions, ignorance criticizes.
Innocence follows truth, ignorance follows lies.
Innocence is of beauty, ignorance is disgusting.
Innocence shares, ignorance is greed.
Innocence leads to happiness, ignorance leads to sadness.
Innocence creates, ignorance destroys.
Innocence has empathy, ignorance has apathy.
Innocence comes from within and good teaching, ignorance is taught by false teachings.
Innocence is light, ignorance is darkness.
Innocence is good, ignorance is evil.
Innocence listens, ignorance ignores.
Innocence is tolerant, ignorance is intolerant.
Innocence creates the future, ignorance repeats history.



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