The Life Of a Starchild on Earth





Life of a Star Child on Earth.
Here on the planet to observe to integrate to become part of.
To help to care, to love and to share to try be part of
One who follows there consciousness, one who exceeds all boundaries.
One who exceeds conformities and protocol and mindless orders.
One who follows there heart on Love, and gives empathy.
One who does not follow the rat race of competition and egoistic trends,
Of power and domination, and control and suppression and conformity.
Of bank statements, value of money, but of consciousness.
The creativity that comes from consciousness, and has value
Value that would stretch through Infinity, where currency fades out of existence.

Easily misinterpreted and misunderstood, and always judged without second thought.
Never noticed on the inside, give what they can give as they not part of the system.
Always rejected and turned down from applications and social groups
They would feel it more rewarding to give and create in Life
Than to use the frivolous paraphernalia of the monetary system.
Earth's Humanity cannot depend on its survival on currency alone.
They try and show this while they live here alone, even when ignored.
It is only consciousness, love, compassion, tenderness and empathy.
As these brake the barriers, the walls , the boundaries, to be ONE.


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