My Pain




This is my pain and agony.
being rejected, and hidden
Thrown in a corner to be forgotten.

This is my struggle.
My being and work, frowned on by family
Being true to myself frowned on by society
I try to blend in, but to get tossed out like garbage

I am tired , my hair is going grey
I done nothing to you, but share my work.
I done nothing but Love
I never done anything to you
Only to know you have hurt me and others
from the lack of compassion and understanding
respect that others are different,
That live by there consciousness
Of Love , Compassion and Understanding.

I do not know how long I will last
I don't know how long I can continue

My dreams are fading...
My life is fading as well.
I don't care if you judge this poem
I am expressing my thoughts
You are suppressing your freedom


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