No to War




No to War

Cloaked in a layer of mist
A child is brought up on how to kill
Simulations in games, simulations in TV
Is a child brought up on how to create life?
is a child taught how to Love ?

Simulations in games, simulations in TV
Unravelling the veil of the cruelty sect
Unravelling the veil of this wicked game.

Everyone is isolated in this game of despair
Peace is only an illusion, because of the lack of Love.
In the so called civilation of it all,
Killing another is murder, but in war it isn’t, why?

Isolation are the victims, the women and children
Isolation are the victims, those who reject the game.
Haunted by the actions of uniformed murder
Haunted by the actions of the military sect programming.
Numb to the surrounding horror, tears fill the wind.
Blood stains the land, a crimson river flows on land.

Dictated by heartless orders, where are their consciousness
Unresolved thinking, Neanderthal processing
There is no need to say good bye
There is no need for a headshot..
As Life is precious, Life is short.
It could be you or it could be me,
This isn’t TV, this isn’t a game.
Its Life, its precious, Love is healthy processing,
This concept of war is tiresome

It has to end,
The war must stop.
All I want is Love and Peace,
In order to have True Peace,
There has to be True Love,
Accept the diversity of others,
Respect each others ideas,
Discard aggression, anger and fear.
The creation of fear leads to anger, which leads to war.
End the oppression, end the greed, its so unnecessary
Share the planet, it existed before humans were created.
Just say NO to war…no to greed, no to military.


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