What You Do Makes Tomorrow





I tell you today, your continuous drive
Your continuous drive for censorship, there will be no tomorrow
I tell you today, with Love
That your choices to ignore my words, there will be no tomorrow.
I tell you today, with tears in my eyes
That your choices to hide or remove things, there will be no tomorrow.
I tell you today, why do always enjoy hurting others.
Harming everything around you.

Its not what you can do for your country its what you can do,
For your planet, your humanity, your life, your happiness, your freedom.
You don't fight for your freedom, your freedom comes from within.
You don't need text laws , policies, orders, your law comes from within.
Within where You make others smile, feel happy, motivated
Giving someone a spirituality spark on life gives them hope.
Gives them inspiration, gives them drive, gives them the key
The key to there creativity, and there ability to give and share.

Why do you go on without listening, without even noticing.
Why do you think I am crazy, and bind up your innerself
The voice that acknowledges the Truth.
Have you not seen what I have said happened already ?
Do you ever learn from your past?
Why do you repeat your past ?
How many times do I talk about consciousness
Do you want to understand what consciousness is?
Why do you choose to be slaves to others, money
When you are yourselves?
Is it fear perhaps, fear to let go and make a difference?
Fear to listen to your inner voice?
You don't listen because you only see what written text tells you so.

Have you not learned that transparency, openness ?
Have you seen the thorns grown from your seeds?
Have you no empathy, tenderness, love, and compassion?
Why do you get amused by intimidating, hurting others?
Why do you get amused when you destroy or hide information?


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