Of Tits Nipples and Stupidity





So something is assumed a nipple , or even is abstractly a nipple as in relation to original painting, but photo discrete, someone who has never seen original oil painting but seen photo of oil painting, , it could have been an egg fruit in the jungle, when is humanity going to realize and understand that nipples and tits are just like any body part that has a purpose and function, and designed elegantly with the concept of golden means and sacred geometry, the geometric laws of Infinity and yet... and yet people find it offensive? Why is it as well, coming from Africa people find insects and little critters offensive when they are just animals, cute and have a purpose in ecology, it makes me sad this extermination, this censorship, this purititian way of life of living in an antiseptic reality, constraining your senses. What is worse about the matter is the fact is trying to conform it on myself and others who do not wish to connect to this stupidity but to achieve a higher consciousness, who understand life, the universe and everything, and yes It is 42, and not only just 42, it is ONE.
I do hope you realize your actions create your future, and your future of your children.


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