To The Painfull Hearts Of China




To the painful hearts of China

Dear China, beloved red wonder of the east
You are beautiful, but sadly loose to the colour of grey
A lot of beautiful hearts, magical wonders have been caged.
Why do things you say have to follow protocol
Why do things you say to be decent have to be dull and grey?

Art for me is my life, my passion my desire
It’s the instrument I use to express my feelings
All I do is love, care, nurture, and share
The beauty of my world, my sensual world.
For art is a visual form that can imagine science
For art is a visual form that has complex maths
For art has an infinite shape created by sentient beings

You speak of progress, and reaching for the stars
How can you do this, when you take the fire of hope
The fire of hope, which is the art of people’s heart.
The hope that gives dreams, improves ideas that will
One day take human kind to the stars.

Art is the beauty of the things we see in life
The face of your leader is art to behold
The shape of the country is art to behold
The landscape is of art to behold
Why do you strip of its beauty, its natural resources
Its people, its art, and its culture, its science its math
And the essence of human civilization.

Why do people have to follow specific ways
Why do restrictions on people based on one’s opinion
For I have something to say
I have dreamed of this day early this year
It was sad that this nightmare came true, I never thought so soon

For the essence of decency and aesthetics
Is a matter of what’s true and real in the heart,
Not what follows protocol of normality
And what appears on the outside
It’s the beauty of truth from the heart.
That’s the beauty that comes within.
Love, warm, pure, bight, and magical

I cry for those who create magic and wonder
Those deviants, magnificent deviants
Of our beloved deviantArt.


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