Poetry Overload: Love, Life




Love, life and Communication.

Love and Communication
Are the finest ingredients for negotiating peace
Love and Communication
Are the finest essence of a stable friendship.
If one is pulled away the peace ends, the friendship ends..

Is the branch of the tree of love we live in
Life is the product of Love by the Creators
For this who love show there friendship relationship

There are no boundaries and no conditions
It is something that comes from within
It’s when every sentient being knows where to begin

Friends show gratitude regardless of ones attitude.
They show and share all that is good
Every precious moment means more and more
Life is precious life is short….
Pulling away only makes the hurt more and more.

Communication: Awaken your knowledge

Share me your thoughts of light, burning through the dear sky
Shower me with stars, and don’t smother them with the wind please
Blow at me your warm flames of Love and passion and sensuality
Gnawing away at the frost through the past away.

Grant me your time, to enlighten me with your words of thought.
Glowing in your rays, amidst pools of untamed bliss
Knowledge is a gift to share by communication
Feed me with your touch, as your thoughts rain on me
The soft rain trickles through the neurons of my mind
Bathe me in your love and warmth, planting gentle love and inner-peace.

Awaken your knowledge, tell me the story
With finding the treasure of words of thought,
Feeling my love, I shower on you.

Friendship again:
When I think of you, your image appears,
Of our previous thoughts, discussions and love
Something happened, I cannot explain.
Why did you turn my dying star,
Into a black hole to suck you away?
We stare at each other in celestial ablaze
I see your picture drift further away,
I reach my arms and hands to reach yours.
The void created is pulling us away,

Defy the gravity of this thing, let’s hold hands
Pull each other into each others arms,
So we may rest in peace and tranquillity again.
May our stars shine brighter than before
Sharing love to each other and all living on this world.

Love: Love comes from Life and Life comes from Love
All the nature around me, my Elvin forest,
The creatures all have Life
Looking at this beauty of Life gives me the strength.
Love is like the wind Blow in any direction,
Bringing seasons of Joy.

Love has to be nurtured and cared
Love is the infinite Joy of Life.
Love is not seen, it is felt,

Love flows like the river, gentle and peaceful
Love is never to late, but life can be fragile and short.
Love is the seed of Life, and Life is the seed of Love.

Love is Like a flower, you need to nurture and care for it
Enjoy the moments of your flower blooming
Enjoy the days of brightness and sunshine.
Love will always find a way to set your heart free
Love always needs to be set free
Relieve it from all the weeds
That destroys your love from growing,
Love will never perish, nor will it die
Love will conquer all things
Love is not want ,nor is it take

Love is giving and forever glowing,
Love is gentle and forever flowing


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