The re-occurring nightmare



  In the undesired reality of number 1
During the spring of year 20XX
Fear awakens in there empty eyes
The eyes that stare horrible goodbyes
For it reminded me of the day they had seen
The day of slaughter, butchery, slavery and greed.

There voices cried out to freedom
There voices fell on deaf ears,
No one noticed the flooding of tears
They went on for days begging
They went on for days starving
There was no food and housing
Rumbling stomachs and blood stained pavements.
Was this the promised land ?

Economy fell, the greedy became scavengers
They raped every living being from all dignity
They came and enforced a number on everyone
There identity and uniqueness faded
They never listen today, in the past
They never listened today in the present
And they never listened today in the future.
Fifa 2010 felt like a dream of the past
It came and went as if it were a day

They never understood,
They never heard, for all one said was bull****.
They never listened, they never cared
They only discarded and threw away.
The being that only but loved.
They never took it seriously
They thought it was mentally ill.

In the summer of 20XX
The sun did not rise like a normal sun
The sun went up behind a mushroom cloud
Fortunately I was away the next day
I went to comb my hair it fell.
Stuck in clumps to my comb
I knew and saw my self
This was the third time.

People roamed the streets
Sick and ill like savage beasts
Having no food, and starved
They ended eating themselves.
Day and night was a horror.
In day you feared to be seen
At night you feared to be taken.

In time a month later,
Robotic helicopters gathered the survivors
People were forced in factories, and then butcheries
Many were guinea-pigs in cyborg experiments
All what people hoped for. was a miracle
The magnetic pole shift and a solar flares
The return of things to be repaired.

The final year of the moment.
A large star moved through the sky
Shedding its wings as it flew.
It flew in the sky day and night.
The force of it shook the Earth.
Continents shifted, poles changed..

An orangey, blue and pink disk landed.
Was I too late to grab the hands that reached mine.
I fell asleep in the arms of the one I recognised
Her voice was familiar..
I remembered it the day I was 11.
I hope this was just a dream.
I fell a sleep in her arms,
But had no hair to be stoked
A nightmare that never comes true.


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