Sad Planet




One thing I do not understand is the people of Earth.
They claim to know what is right from wrong in books of law,
Complications of red tape and bureaucracy that lacks true geniocracy.
A kakastocracy of politics and madness with corrupted democracy.
They mindlessly destroy the beauty and the freedom of people and nature.
Creating a grey antiseptic world numbing to the senses, hard and cold.
Not understanding or appreciating , learning of the creation of the Elohim.
Eradicating, censoring this beauty that had been given as a gift.
Replaced with consciousless starving structure monster.
That produces more waste than what it consumes.

Heaviness falls on my on my being when I see a tree removed
Heaviness falls on my being when I see an animal killed
Heaviness falls on my being when I see a human being abused or killed
Heaviness falls on my being as I watch the planet turn into a wasteland

Why the fuck do people do these things ? Something beautiful, natural
Seen as an obstacle or an offence in the mere perception
Of the brain dead, consciousless , senseless , emotionless society.
Where people don't give a fuck literally and figuratively,
If they do they rape the planet of its resources, people and beauty.
I have said what I could say, I am saying what I could say,
Against the mindlessness and stupidity of being politically correct
To the censorship and destruction of what's true and beautiful
As I know know the end of humanity and the earth ,
Would not be an alien invasion from outer space,
But mass suicide in its own garbage, destruction and hate.

Think not to censor, think not to hate, and think not to destroy...
Coexist with the sensually created world, please.




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