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Short story about a dream I had last night. In the dream, I was the main character of the story, I thought I would share it with you. Story dedicated to Jessica of Laura.
It was a long day, the conference was a flop and no one wanted to listen to the ideas of Jessica an employee of some Xener Corporation. Her aim was to revolutionize medical history, in the realm of nano-genetics, where a transsexual woman or man, at the age of 21 will be able to transform into there proper gender by just taking a pill. The process takes twelve hours to complete. What happens is the patient takes the pill, and tiny microscopic robots get released, and when they get to work, they build new robots and in the same time reshape and redesign the gender organs and many other areas of the body including DNA strands. This then transforms the patient totally, and it is cheaper and more cost effective than cloning and growing organs in a Petri-dish like the early 21st century. Not only do these pills change ones gender, they also provide immortality, to the patient, providing that patient regains there childhood or lost years from gender misfortunes, they get the years that were stolen from them.
Jessica however could not think why they want to close the project, since its going to help a lot of people. Transgendersim has increased over the years due to the cause of natural gene mutations, it has been estimated that the human race would eventually become more intersexed, with less reproductive genes, and less births.  Jessica thought it is probably nature’s way of organizing the human population, since it has never left earth, but rather quarrelled with itself. However this new technology had not been properly tested and Jessica herself was transsexual decided to test it on her self. She walked out of the conference room to the balcony of the sky scraper for a breather.

She took the pill which she used for the demonstration, swallowed it, and thought.
“I am going to prove these jerks that I am wanting to make a difference!”

Something strange happened while she was swallowing the pill, a mysterious rainbow coloured cloud with small bolts of lighting appeared from the sky..

“What the hell? Did someone put some hallucinating chemicals in here as well?”

The cloud enveloped her, the people in the conference room did not see what was happening, since the shutters were closed, blocking the view of the city outside. It grew as thick as pea soup “Hell, I am going to pass out..” she thought.

The next thing she saw was figure, a woman figure materializing in the mist of the strange cloud, she was long and tall, and she appeared naked…. It became clearer, it was a woman, and she was naked, with thick long purple hair, green skin and pointed ears with eyes that glowed like diamonds.

“Don’t be afraid” said the figure gently and calmly. The figure held her hand out..
“Come to me, I have things to show you, oh sorry, I think we did not properly introduce each other. I am Kalna from the mothership Gorah that’s orbiting your planet now, and I am the elf descendant of Zanaria the queen of the elves.”

“Elf? What ? Am I dreaming or what ? “shrieked Jessica and stumbled back in fright “Don’t you mean you are some extra terrestrial ?”

“Calm down, don’t be afraid, I am wanting to help you, suppose you can call me that, but we birthed the human race many millions of years ago, but to get to the point, your existence, and in fact the existence of the human race is its last in this parallel universe. You destroyed each other in each, and you do not appear in the others, you seem to be unique, and exist only in this universe, which gave me the conclusion you are to save the your planet and your race and this universe, which would in time heal the parallel universes that link to this one. “ spoke Kalna calmly.

“You have me lost hear, what are you talking about, what’s so special about me, I am just trying to live and save the transgendered community and as well as the human race.” said Jessica bewilderedly.

“Are you are the child of Zana, the partner and Princess of Queen Zanaria which makes you my sister.” “Zana was an elf in human form and was returned to us, but her hair was used for an experiment of genetic alteration cloning, which then you were born”

“What-ever, I was a test tube subject, now get to the point!” Screamed Jessica to Kalna “I hate been reminded that my womb was some bio-plasticy-whom thing in a little laboratory, where rats ran around in wheel to charge the dynamo to circuit the artificial heart of the womb thing, quite grotesque in fact, It makes me feel like a living Frankenstein !”

“I am sorry how you came into existence, but you have a purpose, and poses tremendous amount of magic, more powerful than anyone can imagine. Because of this pill you have taken, you have made yourself super human cross elf. The power you have now is at a dangerous level if you cannot control it. It is the fate of the Parallel multiverse for this to happen, to heal itself. You do know that the Earth, Sun, Galaxy and Universe and all are living creatures? “. Explained Kalna.

“Well there is that theory, I guess, Hey I did not come to get lectured what do suppose I do and stuff? “questioned Jessica uncertainly.

“Well come into my arms, don’t worry , Its only love that’s is going to be your way of doing things, if you don’t love, well then God save the Universe, as you would end up destroying everything faster than estimated.”, said Kalna calmly opening her arms, smiling and crying at the same time.

Jessica moved towards Kalna and began crying, Kalna held Jessica tightly, and the warmth and energy flowed between the two beings and tears fell to the ground and sparked with light. The two held each other tighter, until the crying stopped, and looked at each other and smiled and began to laugh run noses and kiss.

“Now use this feeling to save the universe, if you do something and do not have this feeling of happiness, warmth and love, you will know you are going the wrong direction.” Explained Kalna. “I must be going; I will be around for you, just contact me with this.” Said Kalna as she took out a stone and it moulded itself into Jessica’s chest between her breasts, Kalna did the same, and also placed something like it on her chest.

Kalna disappeared into the air, and the cloud vanished and Jessica fell to the ground exhausted, and naked

Jessica woke up wet and naked, as it had been raining.” What the , where am I? where are my clothes ? What dream? “. The clothes were somehow burned and blackened lying on the ground. Shaking her head with astonishment she faced the glass door to get back inside. Her reflection struck her attention, wow, I look like a cover model for a magazine ! “Wow “Jessica screeched and screamed. When she did, it echoed through the city. She moved closer to her reflection, brushed her hair with her hands, and saw some pointy fleshy things sticking out the side of her head.. “My ears? What the ? Whats this? Did that elf thing change me? “

“No, you changed yourself “ A voice spoke to her from within her head, it was Kalna’s .

“Uh , hello ? Where are you ? Hellooooo!!!!” Screamed Jessica , and it echoed through the city.

“ I am in your heart, and I am acting as your conscience, to tell you what is good and what’s bad, but what you do is your action.”

“well o.k , whatever, I think I am hearing voices… “mumbled Jessica.

“Yes you are, loud and clear… over”

Jessica laughed, and mumbled and opened the conference room door….

“Oh my God, what in the devil!!..” Someone screamed…and the rest followed.

Jessica saw some of the people inside faint; some ran and dashed for it, this frightened Jessica, causing her to run backwards and outside again. When she was running back she did not see that she was near the balcony, and fell over.

“Oh my I guess this is it… at least my life ended with some sort of excitement…well strange as well…. To bad it ended this way.” She thought as she was falling down the twenty story sky scraper. “Maybe I can land like a kitty cat when I get at the bottom, and continue on my feet, or maybe its just one big red splat” she thought.

She fell and tried the cat landing technique she thought of in the middle of the road there.

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Here I come !” she screemed, and made noises and shrieks like some German planes did in the second world war. Her voice echoed all over the city, in fact it was so loud that the traffic below began to change a bit as if they noticed the screaming and screeching.

She eventually landed and hit the ground with her feet, followed with a sound “scriek-broom!” The round under her gave way to for a crater, with little ripples forming along the road, nudging the cars to jump a little and crash into each other. One car still moving towards her got her worried, and so she attempted to jump up again, and she did.

“Oh my… what is going on? “She thought while flinging herself two hundred meters in the air and higher, and landed on top of one of the five sky scrapers way from the building she fell from.

“Wow this is fun! I think I will now try building top to building top..”

She jumped again, this time leaping longer and faster, bouncing around. It felt as if she were playing hop and skip on stones in a pond when she was a little girl well boy that is according to legal crap, well it was like that, but fun.
She laughed and giggled, and sang the song she remembered when she little done by some Goth group of the early 21st century called Placebo (originally sung by Kate Bush);

“….  running up that hill, running up that mountain ,
with no problem, if only I could …”

While at this, she felt so free, light as if all pain that was inside her was lost, there was no one stopping her, no one bogging her down, no weight, no gravity, no clothes. The wind blew through her hair like the ocean, leaving sparkles and scent in the breeze, Her voice sounded like the voice of a mermaid, echoing through the noisy city, silencing everything, calming everything, changing the sound, the air and the breeze.

People watch this naked pointed eared girl leaping from building to building through the windows, fascinated with disbelief, photographing and filming her with there wrist phones and cellular spectacles. Her motion was graceful, fascinating, like watching the flurries of the Apple Mac screen saver, she rolled, she span. It was a joyful and most beautiful moment to be seen of pure art and acrobatics. The sound that came from her voice fascinated everyone, the song, the giggles, the way it echoed and blended into the air.

“Now lets try flying!” She shouted, and then gave herself one fast push into the air, and she lifted up, almost denting the roof of the building she leaped off.

She was now high in the clouds and flying watching the land move under her, so many buildings, so many land patches, here it was quiet and sweet, and her mind began to think, just like the way it did when she used to train for swimming. It felt like she was swimming, and the land below appeared like the bottom of the pool and these were her thoughts;

“Why is this happening, what is this all about, what is I to do with this, and why is it dangerous if something goes wrong? What is my purpose, Am I to change the world? Where do I start, how would I begin? How would I know if I don’t do something wrong by accident?  I am a danger to them, a danger to the ones I love. How can I prove myself that I am gentle inside, like I always been. How do I change the world, that all people will be happy, and live well? Well I did change, my self test with the pill worked. Was this the pill? Was it the elf being I saw? Or was it all a combination of both that caused this. All I can do, is try my best to make the world a better place to live, but what about those who don’t like the change , but remain in there greed , how do I deal with them, how do I show them love? Most of all how do make them understand and feel love and let them understand the real meaning of love.”.

Love and hugs



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