Silent tears crying




Silent tears crying

Sit down quietly and listen, if you connect
You can hear, the blood trickling down the mountains
You can hear nature crying and people dying.

Look up and you will see the hope
The hope is far and unreachable
You stretch to grasp it, the more you reach
The more the wind blows it away.
Silent tears, you hear them they call to you.

It’s the innocents, woman and children who are crying
From the damages created by thoughtlessness
The damages created by non consciousness
You hear them dying, the ones who stand for the rights
You hear them crying to be respected as individuals.
You hear them, those who never known peace
Those who never known true freedom
Those who never felt true love.

You try to reach them, they are unreachable
The world is crying, the world is dying
The world is hoping for the day to be healed
The world is hoping for forgiveness
The world is hoping for wrong doing forgotten

Can you hear them?
The voices of your children, your future..
Can you?



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