Skinning Tutorial




Skinning Tutorial

Shalom this is a skinning tutorial which i should have done 3 months ago, been so busy with my studies and other things which include failed job opportunities which slipped through my fingers, which includes the DR Eve Manga/Anime website character. She said i was too far, and would cost her more... I don't want to think much on that , but she said when i go to cape town to contact her...and maybe re-open the deal, and remove the elf ears of her character which I drew in my latest art submission on deviantart.

I do apologize i had to cut down on a few things and steps, as i wanted to keep the file size smaller, but recommend to read through it carefully from chapter 2 to 4. and work through the actual working skinning chapters. I focused on V3(pasting body parts) only since i wanted to keep it short. The cut outs on display in tutorial that one used for the V2.

I also focused on chapter one to organize and introduce a few programs and also to manage your memory, which would help you for skinning and rendering, to improve on your system's performance..
Those who skin game characters and game objects, can use the same concepts, but keep in mind to keep the texture of the characters small according to that of original skin sizes so it does not suck your resources when playing games and testing your stuff...
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