Sky Clad



Sky Clad
They came from the stars , intimate loving beings.
They circled us in the flying saucer things.
Shimmering lights on shimmering naked skins.
They dance in the light and travel through the light.
Blue and true and all the way through.

Drawn into the blackwhole gravity of love
They cuddle in intimate loving embrace,
Dancing and playing , meditation and Kundalini raising
Orgasmic singing , shimmering , mantra on flying yantra.
Infinity swirling, energy fields growing, Fibonacci spiralling.

Skyclad they are, no space suits, advanced technology
Organic technology, bioengineering beyond engineering.
Where there is a singularity of uncertainty.. of
What is natural and what is artificial is blurred.
Their technology is Nature and green,
Evergreen will the feline elves of Asterope be


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