Strange Text



Shalom there
My computer is miss behaving, I had driver problems, and fixed them, and its misbehaving again.

:symptoms : windows Media centre application loads black...
Celestia and other programs, textures in poser etc fo not load.

When i start the computer to boot, this displays, before the log in screen. My res is 1024X768
But this bit is 800X600...
I reinstalled drivers, rolled back, manually, cleaned registry etc.. I fixed it, and now its back like this but with strange text characters.

The strange text I cannot decipher.
The green looks a bit like Hebrew, so any people who speak Hebrew , does this make any sense at all, can you read it ?

the red text at the top , makes no sense at all.

I cannot explain what is happening to my PC, its working perfectly except in 3D graphics applications.

I am thinking of taking the card and re-inserting it in again.
I do this tomorrow..

Lotsa Love and hugs
Its delaying my art..
But this is odd.


<i>wats it like over there . Have you seen any ufo's lately, really miss you all think about you every day,Our ..</i>


Well its been sunny most of the time here, but the temperature is starting to drop, at nights its getting chilly last night was a bit to cold to go out for a stroll. YesI have seen some, last sunday evening, when the power went out in just in my small section of town. I lay on the the numbers on the airfeild and made shapes with the stars (especially hearts), then i saw them, and that night later I received strange text characters on my computer which also did not work properly, and reset it the card. I will send you an attachment (I dont know if you saw I used it for some art) To me they look like hebrew text, the top seems to be pictographs, and data clusters, and the spots appear to be genetic clusters/i will also upload a picture of normal genetic clusters to compare (where i got it from ). Since then nothing more.



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