Teaching me - You Have Thought




Teaching Me- You have Thought to me.

It’s a new morning, it’s a new day
I beckon to begin the new day
Longing for your warmth
Longing for the joy, love and caring space, to rest my mind and heart
Knowing for being stored, like Love stored in a bottle.

I have studied and listened your words
As the shore listens to the ocean
I have grown with these messages
As Life grows from a cell to a person
I have grown to accept, enlarged consciousness.
It’s young and childlike, but free.
I am forever a sensitive sensual being.
Dawn is here and I am thankful.

You drew the curtain of my confined prison
You have taught me to hold on to the Love I have
To hold on to life’s joys in the awesome spread of its design
You have taught me to paint the sky with hearts of Love
You have taught this little elf to dance around the Tree of Life.
I was forced by others to a confined corner of rejection
A black hole so deep, I almost fell in
You have taught me to love Life again
To are still teaching me, I still young
I am a sensitive sensual being.
You have taught me and thought to me
I have Learned, Much Love.


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