Thanks to Yahweh and Elohim




I wish to say thank you
Thank you for the Love you expressed.
The gift of imagination and art
That pulls me through hard times
That gives people hope, and understand sensuality.
The messenger you sent when I was young
The prophet Rael and his guiding words
That coincided with my built in consciousness
I respect you and Love you
The honourable creature you constructed
The elf natured me despite the problems
Be it strange be it different, but always Loving.
Always the urge to enlarge my consciousness.

I want to thank you for designing me
Even when certain things went wrong
Thanks for being my everything
There is no need to look for anything
As everything and anything to me is you

Thank you for giving the new consciousness
Thank you for teaching me
Thank you for watching me
I say this before and I hope it isn’t to late.



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