The evanescence of suffering




The evanescence of suffering,

The evanescence of tears and pain.
The death of life, the termination of love.
Warm hearts turning to cold stones.
The death of sensuality, the elimination of care.
Trusting friendships turning to illusions of enemies.
The end of nurturing, the end of hope.
The glowing warm aura of nature, dwindling in the evil twilight.
The end of hope, is the end of life, love fuels hope.
The turn of a page, the fall of human life, the end of the end.
The end of peace, the end to serenity.
The connection to the nature
Of the universe’s strings, severed in society
The wonder of it all, when is it ever going to end.

Why is it that something beautiful, natural, naked and sensual,
Gets classified as something disgusting and full of filth?
Why is it people love to drag others that are different through pain and dirt?
Drag them and make them appear disgusting and full of filth.
Why is it people love to kill living things and make them hurt?
Hurt them so that they may rot and decay in real filth.

The evanescence of suffering,
The evanescence of tears and crying.
The wonder of it all, when is it ever going to end.
The death of animals, sentients beings, and all life here.
The start of wars, and selfish money frenzied heartless beasts.
Creating the real filth and decay,
On a carcase of a use-to-be living planet.

Gaping eyes, watch you, and collect your every move.
Gaping eyes watch, ignore your good and display your bad over exposed.
Gaping eyes watch, take your good and turn it bad and worthless.
Gaping eyes watch, with no love in them, and suck at your life until you die.
Gaping eyes watch, unite into one gaping eye watching you… resulting…

The singularity of the “end”, the singularity of pain.
The singularity of grief, the singularity of death.
The dark unity of unconnected souls, something…
Something that is horrific and not humorous.
A mass unity of mindless zombie beasts..


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