The Never Ending Hurt




The Never Ending Hurt

The sky is dark; it’s with this cold feeling
People come people go, leave me alone
They hate me they kill me they don’t want me.

Black clouds clutter my mind
They take my warmth, security away
I feel heavy I cry for help, I don’t know
I don’t know how to cry for help
But I cry for help, some listen
Some watch, some reprimand
Some care, no one holds me in there arms

I cant breath, I can’t carry this load
I have been doing it for all these years
I want to breath, I want to live
I cant its to heavy, it hurts its pain
It is cold and damp, black and dark
Comes out from inside, my heart
It tears me from centre outwards
It leaves a foul taste on my tongue
It leaves a foul taste on those who care

I can’t control this pain, it comes, it goes
I wish it would go to where ever it came from
I wish it would return to its darkest crannies
It came again It almost killed me
Some let it past and take control
Some let offered me power to kill
This dark thing that creeps from my centre

This is the never-ending hurt
I have chosen to live and go on
But this dark thing will go on
As it will come from within
The pain of a broken heart.
Is the dark thing, the never
Forever never ending hurt.
Feels like a thousand
Swords stuck in my heart.


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