The Sound Of Love




The Sound of Love

I dream for the day when there is Love and Peace.
Where one is born in pure freedom, no restrictions, contradictions.
The right to free choice, the right to blossom
Like the flower that was created uniquely to bloom.

I listen to the sound of Love
Its orchestral thunder, and sounds of wonder
Of colours, and artistically arranged sounds
Soothing, flowing, hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting and smelling.

Out of this silence and deep thought there is a flash of light.
They are floating gently over and through the clouds
There is only peace forgiveness and love
No worries, only beauty, creativity and dreams

From far beyond the clouds of nebula
The ceaseless ebb and the flow of vast oceans
Bringing with them something new
The ceasing of the tick of time
The Awareness of Infinity.


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