The Unbearable Silence





The Unbearable Silence
The unbearable silence, flows thick through the air.
I know something has gone wrong, I sense and feel
Where is she, when will she hold me in her arms again.
It is choking me, makes me feel so alone,
Empty telepathic static only, the hum of Infinity,
The hustle bustle of earth humanity there pain and suffering and screams,
Just prove the theory that planet Earth, at present is planet Hell.
It was only a week, where I felt I was surfing the streams of consciousness
It feels like they have abandoned ship, they are away and distant
When are they coming, not a sign in the sky since I moved

I was alone, here with a challenge to do on my own.
I threw myself hard against the mindless wall of policy
I wonder if I did create a vibration, a vibration of change
My integrity and hope shattered into shards, and I lost my marbles
Tears rained down from my eyes, and words fell on deaf ears.
She seemed to know and understand, but she could not see me.
I saw into her, my throat lumped into a ball, my head began to fall.

The monetary system glares at me with hungry evil eyes.
Blinding the minds of people, who supposed to help,
The system is set not to help but to slot in as another slave.
Hatred and anger flow in this fog of despair,
I cant handle it , I am trying, I cant do this alone, it is making me ill.
Meditating for improvement alone drains me, as I am no god.

I just discovered the New World Order isn't new… It's a name only
It's only a new name for a prehistoric thing… the hierarchy of structured society.
Structure stuffed into a pyramid, but from this I observed a flaw.
A perversion of such a beautiful geometric shape, an aspect from Infinity.
If a stone is removed from underneath, gravity of Love makes structure fall.
The perfect society exists not in this hierarchy of this fashion, but in a mesh
A mesh connection like the bundled Flower Of Life,
Where the gravity of Love intertwines all is One and One is All.


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