The Undead Princess




The Undead Princess.

It as a warm summer night in this November
The ethereal mist hung in the ever present air
The moon shone its royal holiness of silver on leaves and air
The warm, humid air blew through my hair.
It is was a beautiful night so hot and clammy

I lay on the wet grass, naked and refined,
Gazing at the full moon’s full glaze.
Absorbing and connecting with time and space.
The ethereal light from the moon absorbed in my moist skin.

A shadow came from the forest, its eyes where red
As if demon came and thought I was easy prey.
The shadow, so distorted in the moonlight, moved forward.
Red eyes glazing, teeth showing …
The shadow pounced on me like a black panther of fury.

I was pinned down, and gazed into the red eyes.
The shadow shed her cloak and revealed milky white skin.
Her skin was wet and clammy from sweat…
From her hunt and blood lust, mouth red and warm.. drooling.
Her skin touched mine, her body pressed hard against mine.
Her breasts on my breasts, she wanted to bite my neck….
She resisted….

I stared into her eyes, still, admiring her cool wet body on mine.
It felt like been covered with wet cool mud from the swamp.
She paused, sensed a difference, love flowed from my heart.
The more my heart warmed her, the more her undead cold touch felt pleasing.
Her mouth moved from piercing my neck to my lips,
She sunk her tongue through my lips, rather than her teeth in my neck.
Like a snake burrowing into the swamp, I did the same.

We lay in embrace, nibbling tongues, rubbing wet skins…black hair in each others faces.
Warm on cool, and cool on warm, time became irrelevant, pure Ying and pure Yang.
Minutes became seconds, and hours became minutes.
Memories and dreams passed through our bodies… we were connected.
We did not talk, but we were in full conversation with our thoughts
Our sliding bodies, in full conversation in the holy shimmering moonlight.

In her thoughts she gave me her life story,
We saw through each others inner eyes,
The connections, the strings of the universe,
That connected us so tightly bound, we never thought to resist.
She told me that she was the Undead Princess, and I the Elvin Princess.

I felt sorry for her, that she lives to feed the blood of sentients.
Nature’s gifts sadly do not keep her alive, she has to feed on others.
I gave her a different meal, which was energy from my heart.
Warm and long lasting, which a blood meal a quarter suffice.
Pure energy, the energy of love, enough to last a year.

We stopped, I exhausted, she rejuvenated and merry from the meal.
I offered my neck; she shook her head and rubbed her tummy…
She smiled and kissed me on the cheek and I on her lips.
She quickly grabbed her cloak wrapped her milky white body..
And disappeared into the shadows of the forest.
I lay there, happy, laughing, amused, wet, sticky , nourished and exhausted.

Not one bite mark on my neck, and I fed her good.
Love is amazing, it’s magical and it saved my life.
From the beautiful undead princess who is always hungry.


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