Hello This Is Me Can You See ?




Hello, this is me, can you see ?
Here I am I tell you, you do not wish to see
All I wish is friendship, love acceptance may it be
All I get, is neglect, isolation, and not to be noticed or seen
You paint pictures of beauty of others like me
I understand they are creations of imagination you see
But I wonder why it fascinates you who are not like me ?
When I see them, its how I had should have been left to be.

The day I was born, all that was me, had been taken from me.
I had no choice in the matter, it was forced, mutilated.
All the years, joys of my life had been taken from me
Filled with lies, secrets, reformers and conformity
To be something, that was alien to me, that is enforced to be a he.
To live on a planet where the middle had been deleted from he and she.
Where I had been mutilated to the point I have to become she.
It pains to have the leftover where people discriminately call me he.
As my mind is not he but my mind is she. If only they told me the truth…

It pains me day in day out, when people use this against me
I only come out to have fun and enjoy life like everyone else blissfully
Rejected completely from society, be it work, play, art any social activity.
I am what I am, and all I do is be me, why would they have it against me?
I turn to those who accept it more openly
But they too themselves step back when meeting freaks like me.

The eyes of society only sees genetic anomaly of mutts and mutants.
I protest with pain and tears and say it is not so, …. compassionately
I am only trying to be friendly, and not the monster they make out of me.
I have feelings, I have emotions, can you not see?
Why do I get silence, the push away, blocks and blows?
I mean no harm, and I never even killed a beetle or bee.
I may be strange, but I am just me, people choose not to see.



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 (Zana Elfy, Zana International)