Love Is A Work Of Art




Love is a work of Art

Love is a work of art, it may be a portrait
Of things unseen and full of wonder
But yet if it cannot be seen, it’s strongly felt.
Love is a work of art, it may be a portrait
Of things we can’t be but we share.

Love is a painting of Light and Colour
A rainbow of diversity that touches the Heart.
Gentle and Pure, never hard and demanding
Never tough, but flows like the water of Life.

Love today is an old pencil sketch,
Of a long lost child, an old pencil sketch
Without greed or race, A history to be restored
The Amazing Intelligent Design of the Creators.

The important thing about Promised Land, the planet
The Galaxy or even the Universe and beyond.
We all must share some Love,
Draw the sketch from Above to that Below of Infinity
Hang the portrait of Love on the wall of our hearts.

For Love is gentle flowing river that never dries
Love is the Tree of Life that never dies in winter
Love is the Flower that keeps on growing
So is my Love for you, even if my heart gets broken.
Forgiveness, Nurturing, Care, Sensuality and Joy.
Nourishes the Love, feeds it and allows it to Grow.


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