Thoughts on Elves





Thoughts on Elves
One cannot deny the fact that they have existed through many stories on the planet, in fiction, fantasy and even mythology. One could also theorize that the influence of myth derived from sentient beings from other planets which resembled elves. I have a personal experience of this, with my encounter at the age of 11. Who are she and what is she is my questions, and then am I like her. This will be a mystery to me and I hope to have answered. I share my stories, since I do not need the feel to hide, or duck or dive. I state what happened and that’s that, take it or leave it, as it’s your right..

Then since it influences my childhood, and the attraction of these beings came of interest in stories and so forth. I found them beautiful, loving, peaceful and very warm, something I had which humanity lacked, just to the point I did not have the earsies I loved to.

Elves outshone many of the other sentient beings in fantasy books, they were always beautiful, and friendly, long hair and a very effeminate nature even if they were males. One found it hard to decipher the gender of a male and a female elf. There whole social structure revolved around Love. This is what I was attracted to.

However since the books were written on this planet by humans, there were stories of battles and wars, the topics I never like, and much of history is always about battles and wars, never much on the inventions, the art and creativity of people. Hence this was inserted into Fiction and Fantasy in this simulated world in imagination. I never liked reading the gore, the blood.. I skipped the pages.. But in all this despite the battles, the elves hardly fought, but kept at a distance, and used there bows and arrows. Or to avoid clashes with other sentient beings in the imaginary world they hid in the trees and dissolved into the beauty of nature itself.

One thing also was fascinating about Elvin sentients, was there ability to do the impossible, one would call it magic. Lol I laugh at this because many don’t know when unless they put intelligent thought to it. Yes it’s what the elves used, and were very careful who they shared this to, encase someone evil would try and eliminate them with there own creations which they called imaginatively “Elvin magic”. To the elves, they alone know the workings of this magic, it isn’t a mystery or mystical to them, since they know the functioning’s of it all. When one knows how things work its called “science”, yes, yes ((giggles)) you saying that I could misinterpret, here we still not talking about the real world but the fantasy world, and in fantasy worlds sciences are just imagined, simulated, it may work in the imaginary world, but not in the real world, and so it may also work in the real world. One of these I discuss which is quite common in Elvin stories, is the Tree Of Life, which I presumed were adopted from ancient beliefs, religion etc as ingredients into the virtual imaginative simulated fantasy worlds. In the world, the tree exists as a tree, this world its DNA, and surprisingly when you look at it, it looks like a tree. , well some artists I have seen have tried to Illustrate this, even sculpture it combing descriptive artistic symbolic perceptions with real and scientific perceptions , to indicate its function. This is what exactly happens in this simulated world. The elves come from the tree and then return to the tree. The symbol Tree is DNA, in the real world, one comes from the dust, and returns to the dust, and dust particles make up the DNA, which symbolically is described as the tree of life. The elves also illustrate the functioning tree in symbols describing the functions of the tree the different types of elves etc, and this is also seen in Alchemy books, even the website Jewish Swastica ironically English.asp

, where is the simplified version of the sections of genetic code which is the programming code modules. Each module is a certain thing, and a certain function, very much like the modules that make up an operating system or even a computer system.

Lotsa Love and huggs… thinking away…
One cannot always think in the boundaries placed by others , hence we have a thing called Imagination, where we can have fantasy worlds, where we simulate I thoughts, take them out and then test them if they work or not in reality…
Artists are Inventers, Inventers are Artists…
Art is science and science is art whether it’s practical this present day or just a simulation that is yet to be made real, for the improvement and joy of Life.

Love and hugs
I will always love pointed earsies,

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