Today Is Not The Tomorrow




Today is not the tomorrow, It is the present.
Life is the gift given to everyone by the Creators
Life gets taken away by destroyers and drainers.
The do not see the value of what you can do
They only see the things you cant do.

They dwell on your mistakes, and never your achievements
They would bury you alive if given the chance.
There tears run dry from the coldness of there hearts
There arms remain shut stiffening from lack of warmth.

They have no compassion and understanding.
they take in you words, interpret the negative
Creating them untrue, enough to cut through you.

They have no forgiveness, because they wish not to talk you.
they don't understand that mistakes happen
They don't heal scars, only soil them, so they remain.
They dont realize life is short, only when there life time is up.

If it was not for my art, I would not have survived today
I would have tried to attempt to end my life today,
If it was not for my art, I would not be here today.
I been created to create, but no one sees
All my creations get soiled, made to look dirty
All my being, gets tossed in the corner
To be rejected, thrown away and forgotten

Never realizing the Love , compassion I have
The heart to give, the heart that forgives.

Only in time, will one see the true story that remains.
If people only see the good in each other
The best skills each other has,
To let them be, and to be free.
To work together,
To be, your true reason created to be.


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