Why the big "Why"?
I cannot stop the pain spinning in my head
When I am offline I can still see your thoughts.
I am forever sorry what I have done, I could not help it.
I am sensitive, frustrated, and confused.

I may understand Infinity, but I still cant understand you.
Why have you done this to me , and why you do this to me?
Why don't you like me, how would I be so you can like me?
The endless when, swirling in my head, time points change on actions.
There is no definite when, as the when is reflected on our actions.

The vacuum of death consumes my head
Swirling  negative vril based around the pain and repeating "why"…
Why do you hate me ? How do I be so you would love me ?
To be honest, I don't hate you but love you…
I say this with the waterfall of tears,
I have short term memory and suffer from trauma.

I don't know why I remember pain and forget happiness.
But why ?
I am trying to heal, and rejection only cuts deep.
Why is this happening , why have you done this to me ?
The pain does not want to let you go…



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