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" It was requested that the clarification be made public, especially to Raelians" :- Zana


As many have noticed, especially the Raelians and non Raelians interested, when I discovered and joined the Raelian Movement, I stuck out like a sore thumb in surprise with positive amazement feedback and negative and hurt-full feedback; That is most of my personal beliefs, situations and aspects of my life, including my personal symbol coincided on estimate 85% to the Raelian movement and its symbol without even knowing the existence of it, more on this you can read in my Biography on my website, and follow up with my life story in order understand how things came into being. The similarities are discussed in my biography (section: Discussion&Thoughts [but recommended you read through parts 1-3 first])  and the information that I acknowledge Rael as the selected prophet by the Elohim to clarify things, and Elohim as the creators. Since I discovered the Rael movement, my website needed major adjustments, to clear and clarify myself and who I am and what I may be which I am still in question, but time will reveal like it has revealed many things already.. All that is discussed in my biography, please note That I will be uploading the text as backup purposes on my deviantArt (gallery in text and literature folder), and live journal and that the Guides and Rael himself save and store my information for archival and clarification purposes and for there studies and discussions with Elohim, and remember I love you all.




  The Official Raelian Symbols 


Original version


Revised version



Original version


Revised version


  The Official Raelian Symbols 

These are the Official Raelian symbols of the Raelian Movement, and are of reality not art or fantasy, For more information, it is recommended to get further reading on them on the official Raelian Website if you are unclear of what I am saying, and how old the original one may be. The original is older than life itself on this planet and is used by the sentient beings, who are creators of life in this planet, called the Elohim. In short :


Original One: From Rael's Intelligent design "The Above is like that which is below is the Star Of David, and the Swastika is that everything is cyclic, that the top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top, and the origins of the creators and there sentients are similar and are linked. To get more accurate information in detail about the symbol, Rael and Raelians please click the symbol.


Revised One: From Rael's Sensual Meditation Clarifying the creation of a revised version that because the Swastika had been stolen and taken out of the original symbol by the Nazis and made it the emblem of one of the worst genocides of this planet. Due to people getting upset and not understanding the original meaning of the symbol, the revised version was created.






  Zana's Symbol and the story behind it 

Note: This is my personal symbol which people may use for artistic purposes only, and it describes things in an artistic manner, and it is  not to be used to replace the Raelian Symbol, and please don't do this if you use mine, but only use it if you wish to do art based on my art, in describing Love, Peace, Care, Sensuality (changed from passion), Joy and Hope and with the use of elves. In short it can be used for artistic, poetic purposes only, the freedom of creativity expression and not to overwrite the realistic Raelian Symbol, or to set it above it. If you do, it will upset and hurt me, the Elohim and the other Raelians.


This symbol I derived symbol way before I discovered the existence of the Raelian Movement personally, I honestly never knew that the Raelian Movement existed, as you know myself I love elves, which I adopted the linking to there appearance from my sighting, and saw my self as part of the elf-kind since my nature closely resembled to that of the sentient being who had an ever warm love flowing from her heart rather than a human being. The symbol came from a dream of my sentient visitor, so it was not directly real, and hence it was telepathic orientated dream which I know now helped me acknowledge the original symbol, since as well I discovered I come from Jewish origin, according to my down to Earth recent discoveries of my family on this planet.





The description I copied from my deviantArt of this symbol.



  previous entry in 2003:

Probably you are wandering what the hell I am up to doing this. well in fact last night I had a dream, just after big storm, and well fell asleep in the storm.. but my mind wondered... In the dream A tall blond haired elf looking pointed eared person it was a he/she very much the same one that appeared to me when i was eleven and the person asked what's wrong with me lately, and that I am the key to save the planet and touched my hand, and then I found myself as if floating in colours and lights, it felt like some kind of computer simulation then I saw the Jewish star, and so many symbols and the person explained it all to me. Some of the stuff i cant remember and this is what i gathered after i woke up...But the he/she said that I am the key, and learn not to follow others , but to lead others before its too late.

the diagram indicates how the star element/sense/emotion system should be used to keep the universe running smoothly for good. There is an opposite diagram to this which evil uses, but i rather not show it but will explain I after this explanation.

Its not just a Zana logo a Z in a hexagon like Dana's in a pentagon which I thought it was, there is more to it..
The Z is split into 5 colours, the primary colours that are used with light and also primary colours of Auras.

The colours lead elements to elements which are essential for each other.
For example , Look at the white
Air(Love)[hearing] has the Large part and points to Fire(Passion)[sight]
As we know Fire and Air need each other in order to work, so does Love and Passion and the same with sight and sound. On The other large Part of the white Is Care and Thunder, which point to Water and Peace. Thunder and Water need each other in order to work, take the weather, and water cycle for example. Care and Peace go together and sixth sense and taste

Summery of white:
Air(Love)[Hearing] + Fire(Passion)[Sight].
Thunder(Care)[sixth sense] + Water(Peace)[taste]

The same goes for the Green at the bottom:
Earth(Hope)[Smell] + Water(Peace)[Taste].
Plasma(Joy)[touch] + Fire(Passion)[sight]

The two middle colours are in a different shape indicate that they can eliminate each other or work with each other and the only opposites in a Ying and Yang sort of way is Fire(Passion)[sight] and Water(Peace)[taste].
Here as in example
One can put out a fire with water, but one can start a fire using water such as water combustion which are used in cars designed to run on water(which are not in the market because oil holds the monopoloy).With the senses, The sight of food something can make one feel hungry, but the sight of something that looks disgusting can make one loose there appetite. Peace and Passion can work with each other , sometimes it does not work together.

The evil version of the diagram Love is changed to hate, peace is changed to war and so on and elements used together to cause destruction.


The modified new version for my website, describing my aspects of life.

(Zana's Star is Everyone's Star)




The description I copied from my deviantArt of this symbol.


  Here is my "Z" Logo for Zana, and I had been using this concept of placing it the Star of David/Hexagram for a long time if you know me... More information is in my website.

Ironically it matches up to the things I discovered ironically, the Raelian Symbol.. way back long ago before I knew there was such a thing..

I now share this with you because its the important concepts of life,

You may not use it commercially, but you may use it to spread the message with the fruits of life

Of Love, Care, Peace, Sensuality, Joy and Hope.





  Other Artist's Impressions and Inspirations

I discovered another artist on deviantArt, who had done a symbol more closely relating to the Raelian Symbol.. I did not copy the full sized artwork, but link to it due to copyright reasons of this artist, and this information is used as a reference purpose, the headings are links to the artwork, and the artist directly, to explain this to people who don't understand things and how coincidences can happen.


Star of Life by WeeDie

(WeeDie on deviantart)


Here is an Archived version of the description, just encase...for archival purposes.

click image to original Artwork, and please comment if you have a deviantart account..

since its an amazing and fascinating discovery..



  To the topleft we have the Omega and the Cross .
The Omega is signifying alot of stuff but here mainly the Omega Point, Ohm's Law and the hindu Aum-sign.
Here the main attributes are PR, Potential(P) andor Resistance(R).
The Cross is symbolizing the way (tao), or movement, or time, or earth. The cross is within the Ohm sign but as a whole, it is not contained by it.
Together they are supposed to express a complexified version of the Nordic Sunwheel, also called Odins Cross.

Then we have another cross through the center of the flag of arbitrary color and decoration. Perhaps I should make it yellow and blue, like the Swedish flag

To the right what I would like to name SoL, Star of Life. Perhaps there are some other name for it also, I don't know.

SoL, is a combination beetween the Star of David and the Swastika.
Recognizing the significance and connection of both symbols, the whole Sign have been colored with all colors of the rainbow, and mixed in the swastika to make the appearance of a cube to symbolize earth (more greenish, twilight, black tones).

The center of the swastika, have been inverted to make what is supposed to be 1,1.6,2,2 V rectangles, that makes the iris of the third eye - with a solareclipse as pupil (sun & moon)

In Norse (nordic) mythology, Sol was the goddess of the sun, a daughter of Mundilfari and Glaur and the wife of Glen. Every day, she rode through the sky on her chariot, pulled by two horses named Alsvid and Arvak. She was chased during the day by Skoll, a wolf that wanted to devour her. Solar eclipses signified that Skoll had almost caught up to her. It is fated that Skoll will eventually catch Sol and eat her, though she would then be replaced by her daughter.

North and South is represented by color south:hot,red;north:cold,blue.
the left and right "way" represented by form and force on the alignment of vectors in the hexagon - can vary

Sol, is also swedish for sun.


Then take note of my comment here which I posted 3 months before discovering Raelian Movement and meaning of the symbol. I discovered Raelian Movement in late March 2009, this post was made in January 2009.


yes swatika is an ancient hindian symbol called a manjii but Swastika was used as a Nazi symbol and nazis are killed six million jews ! and star of david its symbol of jewish king david ! and thees to symbols are cant go toghether!


It was awfull and history should never repeat itself like that again. These are just symbols, shapes, people use symbols of there own by combining symbols of what they observe. They change meaning through the ages, through times of events, 100 years from now these would have a diffent meaning, but when looking at variety of sources , you could trace back to the time when they first originated. Where the idea first came from, how it got passed from generation to generation, tribe to tribe, sentient race to another from one end of the galaxy to the next.

The manjii/swastika is also a symbol of the Nordics, depecting the Arians , as its an Arian symbol. Hitler on the other hand ironically was jew himself, but wanted to evolve the people of germany into true Arian, which is impossible due to the way genes and genetics work with his methods of experimentations, since he never understood the programming coe of Human DNA. But traces of Arian DNA actualy originated from the Jews which is also ironic...which lead to other pre-history sources, and if I told you you would think i am mad.

When There is True LOVE, there will be peace.
I'm an Elohim Life Form (Elf) & I am Raelian Who believes In True Love and Sensuality
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